New in Groovefinder’s World

21st May
+++ We have added the new page Videos of Members to this Blog. Have a look, who is in here +++ We have added more recommendations on our New Music Pages for May and June +++

15th May
+++ We have added some Parts to the Imprint called Datenschutzerklärung +++

5th May
+++ We are happy to welcome Producer and Remixer Yuki T-Groove Takahashi from Tokyo to Groovefinder’s World

29th April
+++ Please say hi to Satin Jackets +++
We have added a new page Photos to the blog with some Photostorys +++
There is a new post, where we list up Events in May +++

26th April
+++ Please say hi to the wonderful photographer Kerstin Kuntze from Frankfurt Germany. Check the Photostory.

20th April
+++  We are more than happy to announce, that John-Christian Urich, Head of Tortured Soul, has joined the blog +++

14th April
+++ We have changed the section with New Releases. You can now find the new tracks sorted by weeks. Have a look if you like and see what Groovefinder’s release +++
+++ We have added more people to the Podcasts-Page, where you can listen to recorded Radioshows- and Mixes +++
+++ We have also added more Track to our New-Releases-Page

12th April
+++ Updated: Radioshows Wednesdays and Thursdays +++

9th April
+++ Personal Profiles updated: Akim B., Andrea Erre, Clark, Colin Williams, Dan Patricks +++

8th April
+++ We are very happy to welcome Singer Mara J. Boston from Venice in Groovefinder’s World +++

7th April
+++ Added John Khan‘s Shows to the Page Podcasts +++

4th April
+++ We updated Profiles: Paul Hampson, Steve Shaw +++

3rd April
+++ And a very warm welcome to Dolls Combers from Italy +++

2nd April
+++ Please give a very warm welcome to Producer and Remixer Corey McCue aka Munk Julious from Chicago +++
+++ We have added Inaky Garcia‘s Track Talinda to our Page New Releases
+++ Profile updated: Liz Button, also added her Radioshows and Podcasts

1st April
+++ We have added a new page in this Blog. It is called New Releases. You find new Tunes, EPs and Albums, in which Groovefinder’s People are involved +++

30th March
+++ Happy Welcome to DJ Giulio Bonaccio from New York +++

29th March
+++ Say Hi please to the most wonderful DJ Jose Lopez from Barcelona +++

28th March
+++ We are very happy to welcome UK-Producer and Label Owner Brian Keys Tharme – BKT to Groovefinder’s World +++

26th March
+++ And a very happy welcome to Mannix from Vienna

19th March
+++ We are happy to welcome DJ and Producer Dutchican Soul, Niel Schroder to the blog +++

18th March
+++ And a very warm welcome to Michele Chiavarini from London +++
+++ And also a very warm welcome to Mark Di Meo from Los Angeles +++
+++ And also please a very warm welcome to guri guri boys from Tokyo, Japan +++

17th March
+++ We have updated Profiles: Eddie Eaze Coleman, Patrick Dudek and DJ V.I.P +++

15th March
+++ And a most lovely welcome to Label Owner Brigetta Dunson from the US +++

14th March
+++ We are happy to have DJ and Producer Graham Knox Frazier from New York City in the Groovefinder’s Fam now +++

13th March
+++ Happy Welcome to Gospel Artist Philip White from Nashville, Tennessee
+++ We have added a new Page, where you can find Podcasts of Radioshows from Groovefinder’s People +++

12th March
+++ We are happy to announce, that DJ Colin Williams from London joined the blog
+++ Happy Welcome to M. Caporale from Torino, Italy
+++ Please say Hi to DJ Wilson Frisk from Bradford, UK +++

9th March
+++ Groovefinder’s World is growing. Please welcome DJ, Producer and Remixer Arkin Jonsey Redif – Cafe 432 to the Blog +++

8th March
+++ Please give a very warm welcome to Princess Freesia and Soulpersona, who joined the Groovefinder’s Family +++
+++ Profile updated: Dan Goldman aka JD73, Leeds UK +++

7th March
+++ Please say Hi to DJ David Lyn from London, UK.
+++ Groovefinder’s is very very happy to welcome Sean Ali, of Deep Sole Syndicate from Chicago, USA +++

6th March
+++ We say Hi to the wonderful SouLutions from Newcastle, UK +++
+++ Added more Shows to our new Section Radio +++

5th March
+++ We have added a new section to the Blog called Radio. It gives you an overview of Radio Stations and recommended Radioshows of Groovefinder’s Members.
+++ Profile added: Happy Welcome to DJ Paul Martini, Italy +++

2nd March
+++ Happy Welcome to DJ Brian Power from London, UK +++
+++ Profile updatet: DJ Franck G. from Paris, France +++
+++ Profile updatet: Steve Shaw, Bulgaria +++

1st March
+++ Groovefinder’s World says a very warm welcome to DJ and Producer Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin from Sheffield, UK +++
+++ We are very very happy to welcome Singer/Songwriter Marc Avon Evans from Baltimore, USA, to Groovefinder’s World +++

27th February
+++ Profile Update: Dj Akim B. from Bielefeld, Germany +++

22nd February
+++ Say Hi please to Aldo Bergamasco, Artist, Producer, Remixer and Label Owner from Turin, Italy +++

20th February
+++ A very happy Welcome to FAM Disco Project from Milano, Italy +++

10th February
+++ Record Label added: United Music Records from Hong Kong +++

9th February
+++ Record Label added: Stellar Disco Records from Oslo in Norway +++

8th February
+++ Groovefinder’s World welcomes UK DJ, Producer and Label Owner Tom Conrad +++

5th February
+++ Profile-Update: Singer/Songwriter Sharon Musgrave
+++ Leverkusener Jazztage added to Events/November
+++ Northern Soul Weekender Bridlington added to Events/June
+++ North East Chilli Festival in Blyth added to Events/July +++

4th February
+++ The Soul You Need in Kiel, Germany added to Events/April
+++ Essence Festival New Orleans added to Events/August
+++ Singapore Jazz Festival added to Events/April
+++ Love Supreme Festival Sussex added to Events/June
+++ Cool Brittania Festival Hertfordshire added to Events/August +++

30th January
+++ And a very warm welcome to Singer/Songwriter Molly Tentarelli from Portland to Groovefinder’s World +++

26th January
+++ Bless The Funk Weekender, Southend-on-Sea, added to Events (May)
+++ Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival added to Events (March) +++

19th January
+++ Soulstice Music, Italy, added to Record Labels +++

18th January
+++ And a very warm welcome to DJ, Producer and Label Owner Evan Landes from Los Angeles, who joined Groovefinder’s World
+++ Essential Soul 2 Alldayer (Bornemouth, UK) added to Events, June +++

17th January
+++ St. Pauli R&B Weekender added to Events, May
+++ MFSB Alldayer, Edinburgh, added to Events, April
+++ Babylon Festival Australia added to Events, February
+++ Barcelona Jazz Dance Weekender added to Events, April
+++ Summer Soul BBQ, Hastings, UK added to Events, 27th May +++

14th January
+++ We welcome DJ, Producer and Label Owner
Anderson Soares from Sao Paulo to Groovefinder’s World +++

12th January
+++ Groovefinder’s Event House Heaven in Hamburg added +++

11th January
+++ Elbjazz Festival, Hamburg, added to Events (June)
+++ Dirtybird Campout Festival, Florida, added to Events (February) +++

10th January
+++ Profile updated: Eric Kupper
+++ Love 4 Music Festival, Huddersfield, added to Events (May) +++

8th January
+++ Smooth Jazz Festival Algarve added to Events (October)
+++ South East Soul Festival added to Events (May)
+++ Beat Bunker added to Events (June)
+++ Rhythm and Soul Radio, New York added +++

6th January
+++ New Profile added: DJ Paul Newman, London
+++ New Event in May: Happy Days Festival (Surrey)
+++ The White Lion Soul Alldayer, London, added to Events (April)
+++ Suite Soul Alldayer, Kilmarnock, added to Events (June)
+++ London Music Radio, UK added to Radio Stations +++

5th January
+++ Play. Housemusicradio added to Radio Stations
+++ Alfresco Festival Kent added to Events (May) +++

4th January
+++ Record Label added: Good For You Records, USA
+++ Radio Station added: Deep House Radio, Cork City, Ireland
+++ Record Label added: Sole Channel Music, New York
+++ Chicago House FM added to Radio Stations +++

2nd January
+++ Brighton Beach Party Alldayer added to Events (April)
+++ Family Affair Soul Weekend added Events (March) +++

31st December
+++ Defected Croatia added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Jalapeno Records, UK +++

30th December
+++ Map added to Events
+++ Back to 95 Birthday, London, added to Events
+++ Chosen Few DJS Festival, Chicago, added to Events +++

29th December
+++ Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Midnight Riot Records, London
+++ New Post: Delite Radio, London

26th December
+++ Record Label added: Solid Ground Recordings, Dubai
+++ Southern Soul Montenegro added to Events
+++ Radio Station added: Worldwide FM, UK

25th December
+++ Worldwide Festival added to Events
+++ Brownswood Recordings added to Record Labels
+++ Record Label added: Soulstar Records, Cologne/Milano

24th December
+++ Record Label added: Snazzy Traxx Recordings, UK
+++ Record Label added: agogo records, Germany
+++ Brooklyn Radio added to Radio Stations
+++ Twilight Soul Radio added to Radio Stations
+++ For the love of house added to Radio Stations

23rd December
+++ Record Label added: Strictly Rhythm, USA
+++ Record Label added: Suntree Records, Netherlands
+++ Brixton Disco Festival added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Mixtape Sessions, New York
+++ New Record Label added: Urbano Records, Sao Paulo

22nd December
+++ Record Label added: Moulton Music, San Francisco
+++ Record Label added: Sophisticado Recordings, Chicago
+++ Ghetto Heaven Weekender added to Events
+++ Licks 7 – Rhythm Assembly added to Events
+++ Summer Soulstice UK added to Events

21st December
+++ Radio Station added: Legacy 90.1 FM, Manchester
+++ Record Label added: Check It Out Records, Switzerland
+++ House Music Festival New Jersey added to Events
+++ Added: House Nation Radio, Nice
+++ Hayling Island Weekenders added to Events

20th December
+++ Costa de Soul Weeks added to Events
+++ Prestatyn Soul Weekender added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Angeltown Recordings, Newark
+++ Record Label added: Merecumbe Recordings, New York
+++ New Radio Station: PureMusic247, London
+++ Record Label added: Honeycomb Music, Pennsylvania

19th December
+++ Record Label added: Soulful Child Records, Detroit
+++ New Profile added: Clark, Radio DJ, Germany

17th December
+++ We are wishing you happy holidays, wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

+++ Added: Amys FM
+++ Added: AMW.FM
+++ Added: Ambition Radio
+++ Record Label added: Distar Records, Italy
+++ Record Label added: Sweet Soul Records, Japan +++

16th December
+++ Updated: Zero Radio
+++ Kavos Soul and Reggae Week added
+++ Updated: Sound Fusion Radio
+++Record Label added: IsaVis Records
+++Record Label added: Bassline Records
+++Record Label added: Fuzion Records
+++ Profile updated: Yuichi Inoue – 井上友一

15th December
+++Record Label added: Expansion Records
+++ Radio Stations added: Fatt Trax Radio NYC, Gotta Have House Chicago, Lick FM Marbella, dejavufm London, Radio Punto Stereo, Italy
+++  Rimini Rare Soul Weekend added to Events
+++ South of France Weekend added
+++ Radio Station added: OneLuvFM
+++ Record Label added: Irma Records +++

14th December
+++ Liverpool Soul Weekender added to Events
+++ New Post: Boogie Bunker Radio
+++ New Post: Colourful Radio
+++ New Post: Vibe Boutique Recs
+++ New Post: Soul Heaven Records
+++ New Post: MoreHouse Records
+++ New Post: Makin’ Moves Records
+++ Updated: Solar Radio
+++ New Radio Stations added: Radio Rox (Brazil), The Sound of New York City, Soulmix Radio (UK), RTÈ Pulse (Ireland)
+++ Groovefinder’s Instagram Account added +++

13th December
+++ Conscious in the Carribean added to Events in May
+++ Compost Records added to Record Labels
+++ Splash Music / Splash Blue added to Record Labels
+++ Slapped Up Soul added to Record Labels
+++ Salted Music added to Record Labels
+++ GOGO Music added to Record Labels
+++ Update on Soulfinity Radio
+++ New post: 4th Quarter Music
+++ Updated: Friday Fox Recordings

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