Gogo Music

GOGO Music was established 2001 by Ralf GUM to provide a visionary and active record company for innovative artists and soulful dance-music.

GOGO Music | Founded by Ralf Gum
Launched: 2001 | Location: Arnstein-Gänheim Germany

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Groovefinders who work(ed) with this Label:
Inaya Day | C. Robert Walker

GOGO Music was established 2001 by Ralf Gum to provide a visionary and active record company for innovative artists and soulful dance-music. Ralf arguably managed to become an integral part in the music-scene since his career started the early nineties. Since then he produced and remixed for numerous world-renowned labels and established as one of the most respected DJs in the house scene. After more than a decade in the industry Ralf took the next step to spread his infectious love for the perfect groove with the launch of his own music-label shortly after the millennium change.

GOGO Music’s sound can be described best with ‘contemporary club music with soul’. The output concentrates on timeless songs instead of putting out a huge quantity of records following ephemeral trends. Deep house is definitely the foundation of GOGOs’ music, but the label style doesn’t limit itself to one particular, as its aim is to integrate umpteen danceable genres. Main criterion for a release is simply that it’s well written music with a big dosage of soul. GOGO Music’s aim is not to copy the already existing; it tries to move forward and to deliver a very own recognisable sonic pleasure. The label presented music from well-known artists such as Ursula Rucker, Inaya Day, Black Coffee, Monique Bingham or Rocco as well as very own discoveries as for instance Raw Artistic Soul, 60 Hertz Project or King Club. The detection of new talents, introducing and breaking them in the market is a significant part of the label work, as the genre is perennially approached with open ears and mind. But no matter who is behind releases, the label only works on projects, that it’s absolutely passionate about. Due to this fact and as it’s always looked for an uncompromisingly high production standard, the global house scene rapidly recognised GOGO Music as sure source for outstanding music.

The good reputation of GOGO Music is manifold reflected. GOGO’s releases made it various times to the UK Hype Chart, entered the Swiss Dance Charts, as well as the DCC (Deutsche Club Charts). The labels records constantly receive worldwide airplay. Moreover the releases constantly reach top download positions, including numerous Top10s and various number 1 spots on the ultra credible download shop Traxsource, amongst them the soulful hit ‘Kissing Strangers’, which was a bestseller in its genre in 2008. Thus it got #1 in the ‘Top 100 Singles 2008’ and the ‘biggest house track 2008’ in the charts of the year of Traxsource. But GOGO Music’s sales-success of course isn’t limited to the Traxsource charts. In 2009 the single ‘Little W. 12th St.’ was amongst the 10 best selling house-songs of the year on the Japanese download-site Wasabeat.

As well GOGO Music scored an official #1 chart hit in South Africa 2012 with ‘Take Me To My Love’. Many other GOGO Music singles reached number one download-chart positions on Clickgroove and made it to the Top 10 of various other download sites. Each and every single has been licensed for various compilations. Over and above the vinyl edition of almost all singles have sold out and several of them are nowadays sought-after collector items.
The ‘quality not quantity’ release philosophy beard fruit ever since, as the firm growing specific interest in and vast feedback on GOGO Music’s work shows. Already 2005 GOGO Music was called ‘one of the hottest imprints around’ by the leading magazine Blues…






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