Mjuzieek Digital Records

Mjuzieek Digital | Founded by Roland Bartha
Launched: 2010 | Thaiskirchen, Austria
(Klein aber Fein Records from Berlin have taken over the back catalog in 2017.) 

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Groovefinders who work(ed) with this label:
Inaya Day | Bruno Kauffmann | Eric Kupper | Lucius Lowe |
Bibi Provence | Marc Tasio | Emory Toler |

Mjuzieek Digital Records was found in 2010 by Roland Bartha and quickly became an Industry’s favorite for many years. So did it’s sub-labels Mjuzieekal Education, Soul Mjuzieek Digital, Underground Mjuzieek Digital, SuperCharged Mjuzieek and Conkrete Digital, whose releases were a mainstay in all of the major Online Record stores and DJs all over the world.

By the end of 2016, Roland decided to put the labels on hold to concentrate on new ventures, so the label’s extensive back catalog was up for grabs and now found a perfect home with Berlin based label KLEIN ABER FEIN RECORDS, run by Stefan Klein. As of October 2017, Klein aber Fein Records have now fully taken over the resposibility of the back catalog and will start to re-release lots of those tracks on their own label, including Original versions and Remixes. They will not only work Classics from the Mjuzieek labels, but also releasing new stuff





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