Soulside Radio

Soulside Radio | Founded by John Soulpark
Launched: 2009, Relaunched: 2017 | Location: Paris, France
CEO: Terry C.

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Soulside radio is like a candy made in Paris, both soft & sweet with this touch of acidity that gives you suddenly goosebumps. With its rich & varied program, after a hard work of research & stock selection of the best labels & artists in the world, let yourself be carried away by its magic sounds through the atmosphere Lounge, Smooth/Acid Jazz and Néo soul of his Abonni coffee, or the atmosphere Deep, Groove & Soulful House of his Beatwinus Bar, or the spirit Funky-Disco, Happy & Classic House of his Allure Club. Come refuel your good humor & warm your heart and soul to the sound of Soulside radio. There is sunshine all year round !

Soulside radio is a webadio made in Paris by John Soulpark in september 2009 (named Beatwinus Radio at the beginning). Since Jan 1, 2017 Soulside Radio, it’s more than 6,5 millions active listening & 2,92 millions listening hours cumulated.  You can listen via its free apps, on Apple Store or Play Store, or in the radios of itunes, TuneIn, Radioline,, Raddios, Streema, Radioline …





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