Home to a handpicked selection of soulful and individualistic singer-songwriters, the label’s releases offer meaningful songs that speak directly to the hearts and souls of listeners (with a tendency to make their bodies move at the same time).

SedSoul | Founded by Rob Hardt
Launched: 2010 | Location: Bremerhaven, Germany

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Seaside Jam

Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Rob Hardt | Husky | Laura Jackson | Janine Johnson | Montana & Stewart | Frank Ryle |
Ashley Slater | Steven Stone | Ferry Ultra | Natasha Watts

Rob Hardt

Launched in 2010 by Rob Hardt with the Cool Million remix album The Tom Moulton Session, SedSoul has since released full-length CD’s by artists ranging from international disco/soul icon Leroy Burgess to up-and-coming British songstress Natasha Watts.

Aside from SedSoul’s individual artist releases, the label prides itself on various-artists projects (most prominently under the Cool Million umbrella) which feature a stunning blend of classic-meets-contemporary grooves spotlighting both independent artists from around the world and famed entertainers renowned for their major-label hits.

Vocalists ranging from industry veterans Peggi Blu, Rena Scott, and C.J. Anthony to emerging performers Bashiyra, Jeff Ramsey, and Jahah have graced these albums and captured the attention of both “old-school” and “new-school” fans across Europe, North America, and all over Asia.
Justin Kantor

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