Spirit Soul

Liven up soulful house music!

Spirit Soul | Founded by Yutaka Takanami “Namy”
Launched: 2017 | Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Tracy Hamlin | Yuichi Inoue | John Khan

Spirit Soul is a label & party made up of a leading member, Namy and soulful house DJs & Producer based in Japan.

Debuting in 2008, label owner, event producer, and over all “freeman” Yutaka Takanami aka “Namy” took the dance music world by storm. His releases of “Namy”, “Namy Purple”, and “Namy Yellow” received heavy airplay on both domestic (Japan) and international radio stations.

Upon collaborations with a variety of musicians including Monday Michiru, Japan’s finest soul and R&B singer, 2010 brought the release of three original albums titled “Namy Black”, “Namy Silver”, and “Namy Colorful”. All albums reached No. 1 on the domestic dance charts of iTunes and Tower Records Shibuya (JP). Released in 2011, “Namy Presents Gibli Lounge” an album covering songs from the original Studio GIBLI, also gained international notoriety and release.

Currently, Namy carries on worldwide activity. Signed to New York City’s most respected dance label King Street Sounds, his new EP “From Now On feat. Josh Milan” reached No. 1 on Traxsource’s singles charts.

In accordance with his musicalreleases, Namy has also collaborated with Adidas in creating a series of DJmixes used in combination with “Tokyo Running Style Powered by Adidas”. His music selections have also been chosen for Japan’s first designed aircraft “STARFLYER”.





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