Markus Kater

You can buy many things,
but you can’t buy taste, love and passion

Markus Kater | DJ Name: MaxK
Born: 1962 | Location: Schaumburg, Germany
DJ | Radio DJ | Remixer | Journalist
Webmaster of Groovefinder’s World

WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
Mixcloud | 
Soundcloud | Traxsource | Twitter

Radio Stations:  Soulmix-Radio | Soulfinity Radio | UWC-Radio

Like many of us, Markus was surrounded by folk with a different taste in music than his personal and already mature insight into ‘black music’. His friends enthused and gushed about chart music such as The Sweet, Status Quo and heaven forbid, The Bay City Rollers. Markus however was the cool kid listening to Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes and Earth Wind & Fire and other tracks he had heard on BFBS Radio in his native Germany. Add to this the fact that Markus is musical also and plays the trumpet and he can hit a vocal note or two and you begin to understand why he is one of Germany’s most respected Soul and soulful House DJ’s.

His passion for music blossoms and so does his knowledge, so much so that Markus starts writing about music for magazines.  This hobby is then carried through as his chosen profession; he becomes Editor-In-Chief at local and regional titles in the Northern area of Germany.  Markus also starts to import British and American releases into Germany as a side line and no doubt he kept the odd nugget for his own musical consumption.

An all too familiar hiatus for family duties interrupts the musical journey, until the year 2005 that is and the busy social networks re introduce Markus to music and like-minded music lovers.  Markus met Rob Hardt from Soul-Project Cool Million and Markus was now learning about soulful House and Modern Soul through his new, musically connected mates.

Markus was free wheelin’ now, gigs in Germany and the UK followed, he was remixing tracks for numerous labels, he had radio shows all over the globe and then in 2014 the brakes were suddenly and abruptly slammed on, thanks to several heart attacks on the bounce.  Markus retired from his journalistic work and now concentrates on music; it gives him some semblance of structure.  

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