• Nobuyuki Furukawa

Jazz, soul and funk are also my passion to share with the audience. My interests in fine art and photography are also my inspiration to select good music.

Nobuyuki Furukawa | Artist Name: Nobu
Born: Fujusawa, Japan | Location: Kyoto, Japan
DJ, Radio DJ
FacebookSoundcloud | Mixcloud
Radio: Soulpower.FM

Soul unites. Peace, love and harmony for a better understanding through soulful music around the world without hate and war. A passionate music lover from when he was a kid.

He grew up and lived in total for 32 years in Germany (Rhineland) and during the years there, he was always surrounded by quality music through his father who was a big lover of Jazz and chamber music. In the ’70 and ’80 he listened to dance music, from Philly soul to disco.

In the early ’90s, gigs by great DJs as David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Tony Humphries, C.J. Macintosh, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, David Morales, Little Louis Vega, etc.,
or remixers like e.g. Shep Pettibone, Francois K., Matthias Heilbronn, and so on, naming the few from many, have inspired him a lot and gave him the kick to go into deep in house music. The home base in music is always soulful tune. He started again to mix music autumn of 2015 to share his passion in soulful dance music.



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