• The Illumination Experience

There is no one more eager to get this music out there than us, but we want it to be just right!!

The Illumination Experience
George, Riqo and Danny 
Artists, Remixers, Singer/Songwriters, Producers

georgedanny  riqo

They define themselves as musicians with no boundaries that give as much emphasis to their craftsmanship as musicians, as well as their commerciality as singers, entertainers & songwriter/producers. From here the enlightenment comes in the form of a trio called “The Illumination Experience”.

The three brothers released their first single “In To You (Soulpersona Remix)” on the 27th of October 2013 as part georgeof their Album Sampler released to UK Press & Radio in April 2014.
Since then all tracks From the Album Sampler “Somethin’s Up”, “Challenge Me To The Rhythm”; “Obsession (This Feelin’ Inside)”; “Now Is The Right Time” & “Into You (Soulpersona Remix)” have been circulating UK Soul Radios and Internet platforms generating great interest and feedback with special emphasis on the “Incognito Remix” of the Single “Get Down”.

dannyThis Reaction led to people wondering what was the plan and next step for the band and it’s music.The Illumination Experience has since been hard at work putting the final touches on their Debut Album and it hit Online Stores April 19th, 2015. The Album is available for purchase on all Online Platforms such as iTunes & Amazon and on all online Streaming Services such as Spotify.

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