• Marcus Reisiger

“When I hear the music I get happy feet!”

Marcus_W-Bar_FB-ProfilMarcus Reisiger aka PhillyTRAX
Born: June 1966
Location: Hamburg, Germany
DJ, Party Host & Organiser

DJ-Marcus-PhillyTRAX-Reisiger_3“When I Hear The Music I Get Dancing Feet” – This line of Al Hudsons Disco-Anthem “Happy Feet” truly describes my feeling about music: Funk, Philly, Disco, Boogie and House – from soulful to the deepest driving Beats. The happiest moment for me as a DJ is when I’m merging with the dancing crowd in front of me, even dancing behind the desk to the music I love.

The nickname “PhillyTRAX” comes from two poles of my musical passion and DJ history. I started DJing in the early eighties in a small Soul Club playing Philly&Funk… some years later I discovered my passion for HOUSE and Chicago ACID(TRAX), doing the first ACID Partys in my hometown Hamburg or working as Resident DJ in the famous Theaterkeller Club.

Marcus on Mixcloud
Marcus on Soundcloud
Marcus’ EFFENDEE events on Facebook



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