• Godfrey Fletcher

At six years old, he fell in love with music while he was playing around with his father’s record player.  This new found admiration of music started his long journey in the music industry

Godfrey Fletcher
Dj Niceness aka Neo2soul
Born: 23/2/68
Current Location: Wolverhampton West Midlands UK

Godfrey Fletcher is a Celebrity DJ, owner of Neo2 Soul Promotions, a philanthropist and former A&R for many prestigious record labels. Fletcher’s love of music began in the United Kingdom where he was born and raised.  At six years old, he fell in love with music while he was playing around with his father’s record player.  This new found admiration of music started his long journey in the music industry.  As a teenager, he began to volunteer at his school’s music youth center where he learned how to deejay.

djingBy the age of 18, Fletcher began deejaying on the local radio station called, Skyline FM.  While deejaying for the station, he won the title, “Best Soul DJ”. His deejay career started to take off.  He performed in nightclubs in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Stoke-on- Trent.  As his name grew throughout Europe, he began to deejay for artist such as Usher, Public Enemy, Cyprus Hill, House of Pain and many more.

IMG_0078Fletcher’s A& R career started when Sony, Arista, Universal and Def Jam asked him to manage their “Street Team” and help find undiscovered and unsigned talent.   This started Godfrey’s love of finding unsigned talent and supporting them on their musical journey.  Fletcher spent many years working with unsigned and independent artists all over the world including the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. Currently, Fletcher is the CEO & president of Neo2Soul Promotions and is dedicated to increasing exposure and awareness of undiscovered talent by offering marketing and promotional outlets via social networks, radio, and many other media outlets.  His main focus is helping the artist grow and get exposure in a very competitive industry. Godfrey has been leading, training, and motivating artists throughout his professional career.   Fletcher stated,

“The most rewarding part of my career has been seeing artist benefit from the support I’ve provided”

As a philanthropist, Fletcher created Neo2soul 4 Youth C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) which explores young people’s creativity through informal educational activities which combine enjoyment, challenge and learning. His main mission is to empower young people to be confident , productive,  successful and fulfill their life purpose.

Currently, Fletcher is continuing his journey in the music industry while helping others reach their goals and dreams. He believes that every artist deserves a chance and he continues to pave the way for the new artist of the future.



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