• Dan Patricks

I started as a School boy listening to funk and disco tracks

Daniel Uffer | Dan Patricks
Nelspruit, South Africa
DJ, Radio DJ

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Dan has a Radioshow on RiseFM 943, South Africa

Born 1977 in Basel (Switzerland) I started as School boy listening to funk and disco tracks, loving all the early jackson 5, sister sledge, the commodores ,  aretha franklyn etc..

11147060_176096059399227_3395102090992474408_nI started listening to house music with the broadcast of the first sessions of „pump it up“ live on Couleur 3 (RTS now) where Djamin and Mr. Mike broadcasted live from different parties in Switzerland with international Djs such as CJ Makintosh, Grant Nelson, David Morales, George Morel etc.. .
The love and the passion for DJ-ing came when I met Pat Rebell in boarding school in Neuchatel. 93-94. Where we expirienced the love and passion for house music.

When I got back to Allschwil, Junior Santiago was moving into my neighbourhood, we sparked immediately and we started properly with buying vinyl at our favorite record store (panthera  records) in basel., making mixtapes, playing warm-up sets with PatRebell as IOH (Institute of House) for names such as Tedd Patterson, Terry Hunter etc.. It was also in that time when I met Mark Stone (UDM Show), Fred Licci and EDLuis, who also had a big influenced in my love for Soulful house music.

After starting work and moving to Zurich, later to London, I stopped active Djing, lost a bit of contact with the guys, but was still keeping myself up do date with the evolution of House in general and having been in the UK for a couple of years the influence of uk-garage, Jungle and the whole club scene as such in that time influenced me as well.

danpatrickssoulfulhourI left London and moved to Neslpruit, South Africa, got in contact with old friends and made some new friends, got my DJ stuff set up again, got the „Soulful“ Hour project started.

EMail: dan.patricks@hotmail.com



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