• Leah Adele Donato

MUSIC is my whole life, My Journey has been amazing and music has always been the biggest part of me….

Leah Adele Donato
(Artist Name): DJ Late-Nite-Dancer
Born: 27. 3. 1972
Current Location: Cotswolds, UK
Radio DJ

During the 1990’s the music industry became saturated with talent, that had no real avenues to direct people into the industry, Leah Donato and Neil Sullivan started the “First, underground artiste management company” underground talent, DJ’s, Musicians , Vocalists & Artistic performers.

The mission was simple to employ as many music heads as possible and get them working in the world of music and entertaining, but most importantly earning money! We managed to secure some amazing contracts including CREAM, PACHA, MINISTRY OF SOUND, HED KANDI, DEFECTED, SERIOUS, MISS MONEYPENNY’S, PROLOGUE, BRIXTON ACADEMY, TURNMILLS, THE CROSS, ULTRA VEGAS, CARWASH, PROGRESS, PROMISE, BUBBLEGUM … + ABROAD : IBIZA – GOD’S KITCHEN, TWICE AS NICE, GATECRASHER @ SPACE, KANYA BAR and INDIGO IN ISTANBUL, SILK & CLUB MOJO in COLOMBO, SRI LANKA to name but a few. We also manged to secure the commercial contract for Luminar Leisure….

The list is endless and the fun was immense

Judge Jules, Sister Bliss, Tall Paul, Brandon Block, Jeremy Healy, Alex P, Ratpack, Spoony, Warren Clarke, Lisa Loud, Soul Avengerz, Alistair Whitehead, Lisa Lashes, Hoxton Whores, K – Klass, Carl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Boy George… just to name a few….. we employed over 5 years over 300 people continuously! We reached a pinnacle point and the management company was sold on in late 2005 and is still thriving to this day….. so this is still a big part of my world and i will always keep this in my heart.

Leah’s passion for music grew from a young child playing old 45’s on a single turntable every day after school this was her thing from the age of 5……and still to this day she spins her tunes….the music is THERAPY

Leah plays three times a week on live internet radio on Traxfm and HSR. Her show is Filthy House sessions which consists of a deeper touch and soulful elements….

Leah on Twitter
Leah on Facebook
Leah on TraxFM
Leah on Housestationradio

EMail: leah.a.donato@hotmail.co.uk






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