• John Soulpark

Happiness is on my side ! “An artist works first for share his passion & feelings …. And not to compare or do better than others… “

John Soulpark
Born: 15 Juin 1975 Montpellier (France)
Current Location: PARIS
Créator-Director SOULSIDE Radio & Soul’n Pepper Radioshow host

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Born in 1975 in the South of France on the Mediterranean coast, he was rocked in his childhood by the Anglo-Saxon pop-rock culture, of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other Paul Simon & Garfunkel were fond of his parents. Growing up, he was quickly sensitive to soul and rhythm & blues sounds.

In the 80s, following the explosion of House music is naturally he was particularly sensitive to the soulful & funky scene. He tried to DJing, but showing bit of patience & pursuing different professional way in communication, marketing & graphic design. His passion for House music John-Soulpark-virag-(26 sur 30)will remain a hobby.  That’s when he embarked in 2009 to BEATWINUS Radio Project. A 100% Soulful House music webstation that broadcasts 24/24 – 7d/7d ad-free. Finally he could combine his love for House music & professional talents to promote french & international actors of Soulful & Funky House scene. She will become at the end of 2013 the first Internet Soulful House radio in europe (global audience).

In 2012, He created & animates the monthly radio show « Soul’n Pepper », 90 minutes radio show where he shares his favorite past today tracks while showcasing artists, composers, remixers & labels that deserve to be known.

2014 BEATWINUS Radio Radio becomes SOULSIDE Radio Paris where he was joined by TERRY C, FRANCK G. & SUZLOO. Everything changes except the spirit ! More place for music with 3 streams:  Abonni Café (Lounge, Smooth Jazz & Néo Soul), Beatwinus Bar (Deep & Soulful House), Allure Club (Groove House & Djing).




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