• Tom Housefroind

Music is his life

Housefroind1 (1)Tom Housefroind
Born: 1967
Location: Peterborough

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In the early teens he was already interested and influenced by black music of Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang and Michael Jackson to name a few. Tom started his DJ Career with 18 first as a party DJ later as a resident in several clubs starting with Funk, Disco and Soulmusic. In the End of the 90’s Tom started interest in House Music.
He recognized that House is a feeling something that you like or you don’t. Influences by Grant Nelson, Shane D, Richard Earnshaw, Mark Di Meo and many more he started to be part of some Radioshows on Pure Rhythm Radio or some Italian Radiostations.
But due to lack of time he decided to deliver Mixshows on a sporadic pace making it easier to arrange job, family and music under one hood. There are two kind of Tom’s mixshows available at this time: Dancin’ hour and Nite Cruzr.
Today Tom’s Mixshows are heard by a worldwide audience.







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