• Steve Shaw

Music has always been in my blood.

One love one house Stevie Shaw

Steve Shaw | Location: Bulgaria
DJ, Radio DJ
Steve runs The One Love One House Show. It is aired
Mondays: Myhouseradio.fm, NYC 21:00 GMT & 02:00 GMT
Tuesdays: Purerhythmradio.net, UK 18:00 GMT
Fridays: www.Ritmoradio.com, GR 16:00 GMT
Saturdays: Soulfinityradio.com, AUS 06:00 GMT


Music has always been in my blood. I grew up in a very musical family, my early interests were soul music and later jazz funk, now a confirmed househead. I present the One Love One House Show twice a week and I am thankful to have so many good and talented friends in this business who just keep producing such amazing music. My message would be please buy your music through legal channels … piracy is killing music, there is is only so much the artists and producers can do for the love and then the music stops.



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