• Paris Cesvette

I’m a total music geek who is generally lost somewhere between Jazz, soul and House. So I Spend all my days fusing them together. That feeling you get when the music is right.. I crave this.. I look for this everywhere.. Whatever that is.. I love that

Paris Cesvette
Born: 27 June 1989
Location: Herfordshire, UK
DJ, Radio Host, Producer, Remixer, Label Owner, Musician

Paris on House FM, London

Let the music speak to unexpected ears, gratefully a melody will take away your fears, when your day has turned to night and darkness fills your heart. Let the music speak to you like voices in the rain. – Joe Sample

Paris’s production style is a strong twist on Soul, RNB, Reggae and Jazz with the foundations of classic music theory.

The heart of a musician with the technical brain that is more than needed for a producer brings inspiration to her colleagues and listeners alike.

Her first experience was with producer Vinnie VII when they were producing a track for her gospel choir for GDM records, Vinnie’s skill and approach in creating and producing music inspired and kicked off an interest in the technical production of music.

paris19 years on Paris is called to produce for all genres, in each production Paris does not ignore the want to push her musical passion in every delivery and through this has led to her working with such a vast range of talents.

The voice of Little Jimmy Scott , Prague Symphony Orchestra , Oscar Castro Nerves, C Robert Walker and Remixing for Paul Brown , Kim Waters , Najee, Brian Simpson, winning the artists pick for the Robert Glasper remix competition, Akon, Acoustic Alchemy and many more.

Expect to see so much more from this fresh musical force.

Paris’ Website
Paris on Soundcloud
Paris on Twitter
Paris on Mixcloud

Contact: pariscesvette@live.com



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