• OtherSoul – Fran Diaz & Carlos Yedra

The music is always there. The music is part of life

OtherSoul (Fran Díaz & Carlos Yedra)
Born: 02/12/1981 Fran, 10/04/1981 Carlos
Current Location: Granada (Spain)
DJ, Producer


Djs musicians and producers influenced by styles like Soulful, Deep & House classic and artists such as Louie Vega, Joey Negro, Richard Earnshaw, Dj Spen, Sean Mccabe among others, decided to form OtherSoul in 2010.

11082190_801849646559004_6104977306563466093_oIn 2011 their first references appear under the labels Open Bar, Heavy, Perception Music, Melomania Records which led them to collaborate with artists like Davidson Ospina, Oscar P, JM Brothers, Vicmoren, Silvano da Silva, Maggie Smile, Pasodoble Kamel, Zano Nzima …
Currently still working and collaborating with some of these artists and many more like Robert Rivera, Kings Of Groove, Natasha Watts, Michelle Weeks, Susu Bobien, Terry Dexter, Distant People, Soulfunktion…  In the work on their live sets they accurately reflect their commitment to the music, which leads them to be able to incorporate live musicians.

OtherSoul on Facebook
OtherSoul on Soundcloud
OtherSoul on Mixcloud
OtherSoul’s Website

Booking, Promo & Remix Enquiries booking@othersoulmusic.com



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