• Manuel Innaro

Deep love and deep respect for all House Music Families & Brotherhood ……

Manuel Innaro
Born: Italy
DJ, Producer, Record Label Owner, Agency Owner



Manuel started playing in public in 1988 in an Italian disco named EX in the wonderful frame of the Private Village called “Praialonga”, Robert Passera ( Doing Time – “I was Ye Ye Girl) & Alex Orlowsky (Music Video Director). He started his artistic experiences between art exhibitions and music at the Globe Wine Bar on the top floor of the “Coin”. National Network in a program called “Modern Times”(98/99/2000) Italia 1, charity events and great cooperation with “Noblesse Oblige”, an agency of international events and musical editions, … an agency that produces events in major Films Festivals across Europe, Venice and Cannes with countless Celebrites and world-renowned Artists. Milano Lounge Beach (Italia) Art Director + multiples venues spot for one nights world wide.

Many clubs where he played but definitely the most beautiful and memorable are the clubs in Miami, as Nikki Beach, Clevelander, The Tides, Jazid , Love Hate, Chesterfield, Segafredo, Catalina, Atmosphera, Rebus and many more…

Sharing, producing and playing during official events with amazing International Artists, Singers, Producers and Musicians as Dominique Reighard, Chris Willis, K Rose, Nile Rodgers…..

Producing events and sharing the console with djs and singers like Jesse Saunders, Wayne Williams, Tony Humpries, Bill Kelly, Maurice Joshua, K’Alexi Shelby, Ultra Nate’, Inaya Day, Victor Simonelli, Vick Lavender, Dominique Reighard, Mario Romay, Mark Grant, Sidney B, N’ Dinga Gaba, Jack Master Wallace, Terry Hunter, Paris It’s all Right, Richard Vasquez, Jay Negron, Kenny Bobien, Joe Smooth, John Morales, Victor Simonelli, Jason Walker, Sidney B, Lou Gorbea, Brandon Morales, Pablo Fierro, Mikki Afflick, Davidson Ospina, Tony Touch, Groove Assassin, Deep Haven, Alladin, Dj Thunder, Glenn Thornton, Pete Simpson, Sal Negro, Taihisha Grant, Ray Vazquez, Groove Addix, Dj Peace, Pirahna Head, Annie Sollange, Chico Pacheco, Sean Mc Cabe, Dolls Combers, Scarlett Santana, ParisHouseAddict, Solara, Man-X, Dezmond Meeks, Neal Conway, Groove Junkies, Alice Edun, Wayne Tennant, Stephanie Cooke, Jamie Lee Wilson, Cinnamon Brown, Melonie Daniels, Heather Walker, David Walker, Dr. Feel X, Eric King, Qwote, Patrik Bo, DJN Project, Fabio Rochembach, Doruk Dirty Dale, Simon Sim’s, Dj Kevin O, Richie THE DJ, Nermin, Myopic, JP Rigaud, Steve Kelly, Shayne Pilpel, Keith Thompson, Carolyn Harding, Layla Jayne, Dawn SOULUV’N Williams, Marlon Saunderson to name few…

Projects : Relazioni Pubbliche & Comunicazione (Owner/Founder/CEO)/ KalabraDà Records (Owner/Founder/CEO)/ Unusual Friends ( Founder/Owner) / / European Representative Former Director of Boards Djs Hall of Fame for Legends of Vinyl / International Ambassador for Iklwa Brothers The Music Community South Africa_

Skype: manuelchristianinner
Mail: kalabrada.records@gmail.com | thecolumn@rocketmail.com




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