• Jean Jacques Ramirez

Music is my passion

Jean Jaques Ramirez
Born: Marseille, France
Current Location: Marseille, France
Dj, Radio DJ


soulside radio news (1)

Dices my birth, I was rocked by the music, not as all the bb. Why my dad was responsible for a department store of discs, and I had the pleasure to listen to of everything, it was also the big trumpeter who to like the jazz, is ten years old I listened to of pop music, has 16 years old it was my soul period funk, and I so much liked dancing, winning of competition of ” jerk ” with James Brown or Temptations, it is also my debuts of dj, everything made accidentally, I replaced an absent dj, that lasted then 5 years in the best discotheques of moment, at the same time I was responsible for a shop of discs, day and night…. MUSIC after the life makes that; married, child later, in the year 90, I became again a bird of the night, this period I knew again clubs and left turnips.
Today with a little more available funds, me pleases me has mixer, a true delight a PASSION, and I also hope to give you of the happiness…. And what the TEUF begins!!!

kontakt: jeanjacques.ramirez.1@facebook.com

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