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Music has been my life, since the day I was born


Birgitte Provence
Born: 24 February 1963
Current Location: Netherlands
I am a singer, songwriter and producer

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 Composer, singer and producer BIBI Provence born the 24th ofFebruary 1963 in Willemstad Curacao, she began singing inthe children’s choir of her father Etzel Provence when she was only 4 years old (well known musician and educator), shortly after she began taking piano lessons and music lessons at the local music school named CCC situated in curacao

She took opera lessons for a year, from the guidance of renowned opera singer Bea van Acker in Belgium

Studied three years professional music, at the wellknown conservatory Berklee College of music in the United States.She was featured in the song “El Calle” from the movie picture ti The brother from another planet with actor Joe Morton arrangement by Frank London. Sadly her name was mispronounced as Birbetta Provence. 
PicsArt_1423250549910[1]She performed, as a young girl, with one of world’s famous harpists Phia Berhout.  Singing  a danza from Curacao “Un Mariposa” at the Zohandy’s show at Radio Korsou fm Curacao. 
BIBI Provence  made ​​her start in the antilles as being the firstjazz singer, where she had the honor to perform in the firstAruba‘s Jazz and Latin festival in 1988, and the first CuracaoJazz Festival. 
She has had also performed in various local festivals on the island, including the CURINFEST (Curacao Internationalfestival) where she won the title as best arranger with the song Smile she had written and arranged
And BarbadosCaribbean Song Festival in 1993 where she represented Curacao and Aruba, with the song Curacao she won the second prize. 
Furthermore, Mrs. Provence  had also received, several yearsconsecutively the Galardon Vitrola (Grammy Award in Curacao) as the best singer. 
BIBI performed mainly in all the big concerts on Curacao andthe Antilles
And in this period she worked for three years on the MajesticCruise “The Freewindsa cruise ship, where she has had thehonor to work with grammy award winner Jazz Pianist Chick Corea and his children Thad Corea, on drums and LianaCorea, on keyboards together with his wife Gayle Moran, Bibi Provence also performed with artists such as gold platinumsinger Maxine Nightingale, David Pomeranz (songwriter Barry Manilow), jazz pianist John Novello, ex-husband of Lisa MariePresley bassist Danny Keough, Surinam renowned piano playerSonny Khoeblal, guitarist Steven Gary, and guitarist BillyJones. 
She released her first album entitled This time, produced by David Ronchi Matthew, where she has mainly written almostall the songs.
Shortly thereafter, she was asked to write and arrange a songfor Curacao‘s best accapella group Serenada, she wrote the song Nada, a tumba ballad BIBI calls it where you can hear her jazz influence and the native rhythm of Curacao. The song was such a hit that Eric Calmes Curacao finest bassistand director of the band Zamanakitoki took the song Nada and recorded it  on his CD “Wise guy” featuring Curacao’s finest singer, songwriter Izaline Calister
She was asked to collaborate on the track Esctasy and Worldconfusion produced by Curacao Production Masters. She Got her first recording contract with American guitarist andcomposer James “Jim” Kastner with the CD WaterSenseproduced by American’s producer Jeffrey Wood. which was published by Red Bullet in holland. The song Joy was fiveweeks consecutively number one on almost all local radio stations on curacao. 
She was then featured to sing the title song “Daddy‘s Song” for the Antillean film Papa’s song
1994 she produced her own CD titled Make up your mind, where she had the honor to play with trumpetist Michael Simon, and bassist Roy Louis. All the songs she had writtenand produced and arranged hersef. 
Later on she moved to the Netherlands to expand her musicalcareerthere BIBI has performed in the bands,such as alternative band Yessireebop and reggae band Dreadless. Andhas performed on big stages like Beachpop Aalsmeer, GebouwT at Bergen op Zoom, Helden in het park in Belgium, One lovefestival in Essex England, Dordrecht‘s Wantijpop festival,Cannabis liberation day in Amsterdam, Rastaplas Zoetermeer,Jazz Festival Hilligersberg Rotterdam, Patronaat in Haarlem,and Irie Vibes Roots festival in Hanzame Belgium. And she had the honor during her time in reggae band Dreadless to work with jamaican artists like Al Campbell and Rod Taylor. 

Year 2009, she had the honor to work with an exeptionally wonderful and talented musician Mr. Randy Winterdal from  Curacao, where she had the honor to sing on his composition “Muziek di kokolishi solo i laman” from the c.d. “Alma de mi tera” by Randy Winterdal.

Artists BIBI Provence has performed with are: Daisy D, Ulrich de Jesus, Iwan van Hetten, Rudy Emerenciana, Eddie Conard,Eddie Samson, Gili Braaf, Franklin Rubiano, Clark Elisabeth, Ramon Penzo, Salsbach Jazz Trio, Brotherhood of Man, Mark Jansen, George Goede, The John Felter Dancers, Ramses Seinpaal and Rhounage, Angel Gittens and Winston Mac Cow,Farid Ali(MrGambus),Kew sin Sun, Anthony Thewet, Sebastian Schon, Elmer Louis, Jopi Nicolaas, Thania Sanchez, Juliana Barrios, Ramon Valery N, Latonya Jackson, Orlando Parra,Carlyle Barriteau, Yuchi Cordoba, Krishno Penzo, Boy Thode,Jean Jacques Rojer, Jorge Carrizo, Anthony Plessas, John Nicholson, Joe Vincelli, Jan Akkerman, Herman Brood, Dave Dyson, Steve Hoeverts, Marlon Conradus, Tiko Gonzalez, Monchi Sosa, Jesus Martinez, Ismael Gonzalez, Carmen Mendez, Uti Gonzalez, Papa Everett Thomas, Hubert Martina, Gino Coelho, Grupo Kanto i protesta, and The Happy Peanuts, she performed with the band for 5 years!

Bibi has been working for the last 3 years with international dj’s such as Al Jerry and Deen Creed from Algeria, Syncterra from Albania, Steve Oseguera from the U.S.A., David Kane,Yanis Mild, Scott Parks, Aron Scott, Jerem A, Sonny Zamolo, Yan Garen, Mike Lesamoor, Marc Tasio and Ted Deleo from France, Daniele Cucinotta and Alessio Pellegrini from Italy,Darko Kustura from Zadar Croatië, Anthony Provenzale and James Cordwell aka TwistedchiMP  from the Uk, Dj Tobias J. Kudlacek TJK from Germany, and Dan Radziak aka Dan Price from Warsaw Poland, Angelo Draetta from Italy, Chujo from South Africa, Torbjorn MusicMag Petterson aka Thessla from Sweden, Gigi Frassanito from Italy, and Bruno Kauffman from France. And it doesn’t stop, the dj’s are so enthousiastic about the way Bibi sings and writes, that as we speak new dj’s pop up out of nowhere who want to collaborate with her. She is very proud of this achievement, and never thought she was gonna be working in the house/ trance/ dance scene, and loving it every minute of the day.

Contact 0031- 0634045373



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  1. I feel extremely honored to be part of this amazing site groovefinders world family, thank you thank you thank you, and have a groovy day! 🙂

  2. We are so happy that you joined us, Bibi 🙂

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