• Sheree Hicks

She has written for Blackstreet with Teddy Riley, Rapper Heavy D, C&C Music Factory, Terry Dexter, Nick Loren, and Emily Bell to name a few.

Sheree Hicks
Born: Memphis Tennessee, USA
Current Location: Elmhurst, Illinois
Singer, Songwriter, Artist

unnamed (5)Sheree Hicks is an undercover, music industry legend. She is known for her vocal ability, arrangements, and mainly her writing skills. She has been in the industry professionally for over 17 years. Her personal sound is very smooth, soulful, and soothing to the ear, however; she is one of the most versatile women in the industry.

She started out singing in the church in Memphis and later moved to Chicago, where she joined a female trio at age 17. The group was signed to Def Jam under Russell Simmons and later on signed to Universal under Gene Riggins. Her strongest points are writing and vocal arranging. She is constantly called upon by different producers and vocalists to tailor make something especially for them. In the early 90’s, she was known to many as the “go to” girl for background and vocal arrangement sessions.

photo 4 (1)She writes and arranges all genres of music from alternative, to pop and R&B, to gospel and even children’s songs that teach them harmony while learning something new. She can also customize a song to enhance any vocalist, male or female. She has written for Blackstreet with Teddy Riley, Rapper Heavy D, C&C Music Factory, Terry Dexter, Nick Loren, and Emily Bell to name a few. She has done tv appearances and sang back up for many artists as well. She performed on the Rosie Odonnell show with Brandy and brother Ray J, Joshua Kadison, Kenny Loggins, Dave Hollister, Charlie Wilson, Jason Weaver, and sang with Christopher Williams on the Robert Townsend Show.

She has done performances in Japan and hosted MTV Japan as well, and also has done commercials and soundtracks with Stephanie Mills and Spike Lee. Many of her producer friends respect her because she stays true to the music and her love for it shines through each song she creates. She has had the pleasure of working with an extensive amount of producers, some are award winning, such as Ron Lawrence, Def Jef, Ty Fyffe, Swell, Ms Antoinette Roberson, Rockwilder, Eric Sermon, Redman, Rodney Jerkins, Trackmasters, Mario Winans, Chuckie Madness of the Producers Coalition, Manuel Seal, Darren Lighty, All Star, Clemmons Brothers, Berris Bolton, Trackbrokers, AC Smooth, and Earl Powell. A recent project for her is a song that she worked on for the Obama Campaign called, “Change.” She was called in to help arrange the vocals and she is also responsible for lead and background vocals performed on the song. Other vocalists on the song include Emoni Wilkins and Slique of the Chicago.

photo 5 (1)Sheree has a extensive catalog and has written in just about every genre of music, from R&B, to Hip-Hop, to Pop, Techno and House Music & Gospel. Right now she is being called upon by many producers to help shape some of their artist and to create a new sound that is different and more refreshing to the ear. She is expecting a few up coming releases this year, one project is where she cowrote a song with Tyrese Gibson for Anita Baker’s 2011 release. She also wrote on and sang on various songs for the new and upcoming Scarlett Santana of C&C MF Records, set for a summer release. She recently partnered up on a joint venture with another heavyweight writer known in the industry as Toriano Cage to form a new writing team called ReeTori-CAL Inc. While they can hold their very own weight, together, some major hits are sure to be made. As of May of 2011 Sheree Hicks has realeased various EP’s in the house music genre. Her core producers are a dynamic duo who is Chicago Based, known as DJ Sean Ali and Chuck Robertson of SOL4ORCE. Together they make music that hits the top 100 charts on every single release. Hit’s like Sacrifice, Dream Come True, Hypnotic, Electricity Remix, and now “Green Light,” to name a few, which made the top 20 within its 1st week. Sheree has also teamed up with well known and loved house artist RaShaan Houston.

photo 3 (1)They performed a duet titled “Your Only,” which was written and produced by Sheree Hicks and DJ Sean Ali of SOL4ORCE, this hot EP is due for release on the legenday Byron Stingily of Ten City label, Stingily Records by Spring of 2012. She also teamed up with Stacy Kidd, and Soul Element CEO of House 4 Life Records, and they also had hits to make the 100 list. Records like Mr DJ, Electricity, Celebrate, and a few more that are in the works for a Spring release as well. Sheree Hicks along with SOL4ORCE also had a chart topping release written by Sheree Hicks and Sean Ali, produced by Sean Ali and Terance James called “Still Standing.” The song was performed by house artist Thea Denee, which also made the top 30 on the soulful house chart. Also, she along with SOL4ORCE is gearing up to have a release on Doc Link and E-Man’s Liberate Records titled, “Ready For Love,” set for Spring 2012 release. Sheree likes working with producers and writers who ride the same wavelength and If the chemistry is right, it makes for some beautiful and memorable music.

Sheree Hicks and Marc Evans are “Distant Souls” a new Soul Music Duo, singer/songwriters in their own right but now a collective force! Founded in 2014

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