• Ferry Ultra

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Ferry Ultra
Born: Teheran
Location: Hannover, Germany
DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Club Owner of Monkeys, Hannover












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Ferry is a DJ since 1986, and there is probably no place in his hometown Hannover in North Germany, where he hasn’t played. His love for Soulmusic began in the 80’s when he started to dj with his buddy Mousse T. in legendary Club Palo Palo. Ferry became the owner of that club in Hannover, which became one of the best ones in the Acid-Jazz-Era.






Roy Ayers, Jamiroquai, Gil Scott Heron, Karl Denson, Corduroy — they all jammed at the Palo.  In 2013 Ferry released an Album “Ferry Ultra and the homeless Funkers” which is a reminiscence to this time, but also a good example how to take the soul and funk music into the future…

Today Ferry runs the club Monkey’s in Hannover, one of the finest spaces for people with a taste for good music and plays all around Europe as a DJ too



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