• Tam Brown aka dj. TeeBee

Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974

Tam Brown a.k.a. dj. TeeBee
Born : Dumfries. Scotland
Current location ; Scotland
DJ, promoter, Remixer

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Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974. A move just up the road to Dumfries in 1978 found Tam working in the local independent record shop, which also had the mobile disco business tied up in the town. Tam quickly progressed from the mobile discos into the clubs that the shop also serviced with DJ’s, now Tam could start playing less commercial music and slip in the odd house and soul track into his sets. In the late eighties Tam steered himself to becoming more involved with the rave/dance culture, which was kicking off big time in Scotland. Tam and his friends would organise and DJ at secret parties in very remote areas in the countryside, in true underground party fashion.

13628_10152301230240969_2478773394580031749_nAs Tam grew older, so it was that his musical taste blossomed and matured into the more soulful side of House music. In 2003 Tam was away from home periodically due to work commitments and the DJing took a reluctant back seat in Tam’s life. After that long and compulsory hiatus, five years ago Tam was freed up from the shackles of his job & back in the game. He was attending EVERY Dumfries Soul night and the DJing flame was ignited once again, sparks turn into flames to coin a classic Soul record and Tam has not looked back since. A Soul boy at heart, Tam is now one of the most active folk on the Scottish Soul scene, both as a promoter/DJ but also as a “punter”. There is not a Soul or Soulful House event in the North and Scotland that Tam appears to not of attended and he is a SSW die hard, so we thought he deserved to drop some soulful vibes at SSW 5, Tam has also started doing some remix work on classic tunes, which you can check out on his soundcloud page.

Contact :
email ; tambrown7@aol.com
 twitter : @djteebee7


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tam Brown says:

    big thankyou to Birke & Markus for including me on there blog


  2. Martin says:

    Great stoof, Tam is a legend. Glad to see he is playing at http://www.sswevents.com


    1. tam brown says:

      thanx martin will see you there


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