• Brian Eibye – Dj Dr. Disco

Born: Copenhagen
Current Location: Copenhagen

Dr. Disco has been dj’ing in Europe since 1988. First as a mobile DJ playing a wide range of pop, r’n’b, trance, dance and even the old time classics from the 50’s up to the 80’s. Then he discovered that the club scene was the place to be. Since 2005 his musical profile changed in order to reach a worldwide club scene and now his love stays with the deep, soulful, funky house & classic disco.
Dr. Disco prefers to play and mix on the turntables and the cd decks. All his mixtapes are mixed live on 2 x 1210 & 2 x cd decks. No pc. No sync. Just plain deejay’ing..;-))

Dr. Disco on PromoDJ
Dr. Disco on Soundcloud
Dr. Disco on Mixcloud
Dr. Disco on Hearthis
Dr. Disco on Facebook

Contact : djeiby@yahoo.dk

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