• Yannick Liscoat

Yannick Liscoat
(Artist Name): Soulful French Touch
Born: 02 Février 1969 in Bordeaux (France)
Current Location: Saint Sulpice et Cameyrac (France)
DJ and Producer (Remixes & Edit)

Hello, my first name is Yannick, I am a DJ and producer remixer. I am remixing since the age of 15 years. And I am fascinated by remixes since all this time. My musical genres are Funk, Disco-funk, House, Tech-House, Reggae, Oldschool-Rap soul music. My DJ references are: The Reflex, Opolopo, Dimitri From Paris, Mousse T., KON – The King Of Nothing, John Morales, Tom Moulton, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Shep Pettibone, Masters At Work and Joey Negro.




EMail: yannick.liscoat1@club-internet.fr



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