• Luis Rivera – LooweeR

He worked with Artists such as Ashford & Simpson , Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Freddy Jackson, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Kim Myzelle, RJ’s Latest Arrival, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston …

Name: Luis Rivera
(Artist Name): LooweeR
Born: Yes
Current Location: Pennsylvania,USA
Producer, Percussionist, DJ, Engineer, Label Owner

11103060_10206683150350735_1165223057507121503_oSince I was 6 years old , I’ve beed collecting records (45’s) and playing them on my moms sofa size turntable, and realized that music had a strong impact then, but didn’t know how far I would go with it. Many years later It became  part of what runs through my veins…. Whether it be playing and instrument or DJing,  there would be a huge void in my life without it…..

A Native New Yorker and long time DJ , LooweeR aka Luie Rivera has reached the opportune time in the music industry to express his musical variations to all sorts of enthusiasts. By keeping an open ear to all forms of music LooweeR enjoys the creative aspects of composing, engineering as well as mixing and editing. “Enough to keep me totally involved as well as extremely busy”. LooweeR also plays percussions of all types and has developed chords and lead keyboard programming skills along the way.


Back in the 80’s and 90’s LooweeR was a resident editer for Clivilles & Cole Enterprise , while managing thier studio facilities as well as assistant engineer, and has many edits credited to his name (Luie Rivera). Artists such as Ashford & Simpson , Donna Summer, Grace Jones , Freddy Jackson , Sandee , Luther Vandross , Latin Rascals, Robbie Neville,CCP, Hourse , Jazz , Eddy Grant , Billy Always , Chaka Khan , Kim Myzelle , Noel , Amazulu , Gavin Christopher , Brass Construction , RJ’s Latest Arrival , Back To Back , Bert Robinson , Aretha Franklin ,Whitney Houston , Seduction , 28th Street Crew , Stacy Q , Buster Poindexter , Brat Pack , Nancy Martinez , Mikki Blew , C&C Music Factory, Nayobe , Jenny Burton , 2 In A Room , Cover Girls and Michael Peters (Choreographer of the Broadway Hit “Dreamgirls” and Michael Jackson’s Video “Beat It”).


As a D.J. he has hit the air waves (a five year run) producing countless hours of non stop music mixes for local radio stations, such as WRKS (KissFM) workin with long time friend Shep Pettibone. Along the KissFM line-up were Junior Vasquez and Tony Humphreys.

At WBLS he has also worked with Frankie Crocker,Timmy Regisford and Sergio Munzibai. While spinning in some of the top clubs in New York, many guest spots included Bonds International Casino,Studio 54, Tribecca , (To name a few) while a resident at Underground in NYC, has decided that a more permanent residentcy was best in oerder to create a suitable following. Soon there after LooweeR became the resident DJ Thursdays at the reknown Red Parrot in NYC. Continuing many guest spots in other parts of the country, he has produced and manage to get his tracks in several T.V. shows including “Baywatch , Maury Povich. ,Third Rock From The Sun and Law and Order SVU.

My intentions are to create music that can attract many age groups regardless of genre

LooweeR currently has several tracks and songs out on independant labels such as iMusic Underground Records , Soulful Sounds and Slammin Sounds , Omi Tutu with his hit “Mi Rumbero”, Can’t Get Enuff , Half A Heartbeat , etc.. 2 name a few and is now involved in the production and re-mix of songs for future release. Expect versatility from LooweeR, for his creativity and love for music has no boundaries.

Luis on Facebook
Luis on Soundcloud
Luis on Youtube
Luis on Twitter

EMail: looweerproductions@gmail.com

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