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I’m a street photographer by nature. I think as I have always found human beings to be the most fascinating subjects for me

Gerri McLaughlin – Five Dee
Born: Glasgow, Scotland – Location: Basel, Switzerland

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EMail: fivedeestreet@yahoo.com

Gerri’s Photos

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I’m originally from Glasgow but based now in Basel. After a long career in cooking I turned his attention “back” to photography in 2013 after buying a second hand 5D.

It didn’t take me long to see that the streets and street photography were where I wanted to be.

Street scenes and candid portraiture are the basis of my work with an eye for the unusual and downtrodden.I work as candidly as possible but also have regular contact with some of my subjects as I see them often round the streets and stations of Basel. People make the world go round!

I’m a street photographer by nature I guess with people being the most fascinating subjects for me.

I’ve been fortunate recently to travel and to meet and shoot with some excellent street photographers around the world.

I’ve just returned from Tokyo which in my opinion is one the great cities of the world for street photography, this is my first selection of photos from that trip. Some of these pictures will be on exhibit in Restaurant Minamoto, Basel from May 2018!

Currently an editor and contributor to EYE-photo magazine and a member of the Progressive Street collective of photographers.






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