• Fiorenzo D’Amore – DaSoul

In the 1990s, he began his career as a DJ and played many gigs at southern Italian clubs and took part in various national house music events

Name: Fiorenzo D’Amore
Artist Name: DaSouL
Born: Napoli, Italy
Location: Napoli
Dj, Producer, Remixer

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Fiorenzo D’amore aka DaSouL was born in Naples, Italy. In the 1975`s his dad used to take him to many local clubs where he worked which helped Fiorenzo developed his passion for music that later led to his DJing work. In the 1990s, he began his career as a DJ and played many gigs at southern Italian clubs and took part in various national house music events.

Since 2006, DaSouL has been involved in producing his own music focusing on the soulful house market. In 2009, his track “Direction” was released on Sole Channel. Owing to the collaboration with Mr. V, DaSouL has been able to work together with Stephanie Cooke, Johnny Dangerous, Nadine Navarre or Dawn Tallman. He has his program “L Voyage” on Umr web radio where he presents live DJ sets and mixes. 1988.

DjDaSouLIt’s the start of this fantastic adventure ! I had only looked before this, I never had the opportunity to put my hands on the turntables…I learned to take the beats with the hands I learned a lot for a long time for little things and after this I realised myself, I was looking that my dream was becoming true…When I put the track on the turntables I forgot all that I knew… My first name was Dj Yoshi, given by a real care friend called Ciro Cangianiello; With him and with other friends we joined The Total Eclipse PR, making some good houseparties in our places by 90’s to 2000’s with big artists, like as Jack Master Pez, Luca Colombo, Principe Maurice Tony Maione, Doppio Joe, Dj Omar, Andrea Gambardella with many other big friends dj.

In 2000 I took a pause and I was out but, in that moment, I know a very important friend,that made me flame the blood that before was going down,Francesco Savarese aka Kellyss. My influences are : Jihad Muhammad, Domenico Navarra,Joe Flame, Dj Fudge, Vega e Dope, Kerri Chandler, Studio Appartament, Soul Creation, Antonio Vitale, Harley & Muscle, Kellyyss, Urban Soul, The Rurals, 95 North, Demarkus Lewis, Kevin Yost, Fred Everything ,Dennis Derrer ,Dj Spinna,Antonio Ocasio,Jovonn,Quentin harris, Terrence Parker,Peven Everet,Frankie Valantine,Oliver Portal,Larry Heard,King Britt,Frankie Feliciano,Gragory Delpiero At least,but not for importance, by some year ago to now, I produce with my new good and dear friend Fabry Diglio, releasing on very important labels, such as SoleChannell,City Deep,Sofi Tone, ecc.

EMail: djdasoul@gmail.com



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