• Dj Akim B.

Music was my first love and it would be my last!
I like every kind of soul-based music!

Dj Akim B. | Achim Bauerkämper
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Club DJ since 1988, Radio-DJ, Promoter, Events
Akim plays his Absolut Soul Radio Show on soulpower.fm
Akim runs his own events, like Subito Reloaded

Facebook | Radioshow on Facebook | Instagram

Born 1968 in Germany/Bielefeld started his DJ-career 1988 in different clubs all over Germany.
In the early years he was one of the few soul guys who played house music! In 2000 he was invited to spin at the Loveparade in Berlin. In 2004 there was a break for a few years. After that he started his second very soulbased career.  Since 2012 he organizes one of the biggest funk & soul events in germany called „subito reloaded“ with live performances by Laura Jackson, Eli Thompson and Janine Johnson from Cool Million.

In 2013 he started his own radio-show Absolut Soul, on soulpowerFM germany. In 2014 MaxK aka Markus Kater and Akim B released their first song ToNight. In 2015 Dj Akim B. produced some edits and was invited to play with Sarah Watts and Lloyd Attrill at the Summer Soul Laboe Festival. In 2016 he played on the BolSoul 2 Festival in Croatia. In 2017 he was one of the two guys from germany at Margate Soul Fest.

He is also a member of the Baltic Soul Weekender family and was deejaying on the Baltic Soul Boat 3 & 4. In 2017 Absolut Soul grows up and he decides to make soul parties in his hometown Bielefeld. And he is the man behind the legendary subito reloaded party. Subito reloaded is one of the biggest funk & dance classics parties in germany!

One thought

  1. Top man is Akim who will also be playing in the goldmine next year at SSW7 in the UK.

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