• Mr. Brown – Uwe Welsch

It’s only SOUL, if it has that FEELING…It’s only FUNK, if it has that POWER…For all the other Directions in Black Music I demand: A GROOVE to dance to and LYRICS worth listening to! (So R&B/HIP HOP/HOUSE Producers/Artists: Only then I’ll play Your Stuff!)  Nuff said.

Name:  Mr. Brown – Uwe Welsch
Location: Kassel, Germany
DJ, MC since 1967, Soul/Funk

Since 1967 Soul/Funk Deejay, entertaining US Troops in Germany. Often as an Opener for great Soul Shows. Later working in more than 100 Discos, either One Night Engagements, monthly Jobs, or groovin’ up to 10 years at one place.
Six times at the Baltic Soul Weekender with his program “The Many Faces Of Funk”.

Uwe on Facebook
Uwe’s Website

Uwe Welsch/Mr. Brown

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