• Kischa Link

being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.

Name: Kischa Link
(Artist Name): Kischa Link
Born: October 3rd
Current Location: East Orange, New Jersey, United States
Singer,  Artist

Not every singer is a performer, not every singer has the “it” personality and not every singer is a “star.” Rare is the woman who can excel in all of these areas, yet Kischa does so with dedication and ease. If this weren’t enough to set her apart, Kischa has crafted a style that blurs the boundaries of club, house, R&B and soul. To call her a club singer would not be fair as she blends music genres smoothly, she is what we call a creator, an artist. The New Jersey native boasts a wide range of talents that’s unparalleled by most in today’s industry.

Given Kischa’s diverse musical influences, it is no wonder her songs transcend genres. Inspired by artists such as the “queen of hip hop soul,” Mary J. Blige, house music songstress Adeva, and the ever so talented Erykah Badu, for Kischa it was inevitable for her star to shine. The attractive talent is a person who loves life and surrounds herself with positive energy. Her music is across between soulful house music and R&B soul.

Kischa first put herself on the map with her debut single, “So Happy,” a feel good track with an addictive chorus. Finally in the public eye, Kischa continually builds her local following. After 15 years of struggling to get that first record made, she shares what keeps her going is, “being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.”

With mounted anticipation after her first release, in May, Kischa unveils more of herself through her music with a sophomore new single” Moving On.”and “Shine your Light On me”. These songs showcases Kischa’s versatility and maintains her journey to stardom. Kischa is fusing genres that have been attempted by few and achieved by even fewer. Fascination with Kischa presence continues to be on the rise, as she is steadily filling her calendar with performances.

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EMail: kisssbaby1@gmail.com






3 responses to “• Kischa Link”

  1. Joseph Davis

    Awesome Write up…
    Very well said
    Kischa Is a Shining Star

  2. Toni Bowens


    My name is Toni Bowens and Kischa Link told me to reach out to you and ask if you could do a write up on me and my songs. I too am a DSHARP recording artist.

    Your write up on Kischa was AMAZING!

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