• C. Robert Walker

I do not eat meat, I do not drink or smoke, Have never tried or taken drugs.  I love life and feel everyday is a gift. I love Children and feel the world owes them more than it is giving and leaving for them.

C Robert Walker booklet (dragged)

Name: C Robert Walker
Date of Birth: 19 April
Location: Europe and New York
Singer, Songwriter, Producer

What I think about music…
Greed has hurt the music industry. Plus people you think you can trust will stab you in the back for money, that they would not have gotten without you and then you do not get your share…I sometimes wonder where is the love of the craft. I have to be honest I would sing and write songs for free but this is my profession and I know it is a business. Where are the new kings of instruments coming from I sometime worry about that…




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