Roberto Albini ✪ – A Career that started in 1985

Last Update: 01-22

Roberto Albini is a DJ, Radio DJ and Producer from Rome, Italy. Roberto started his artistic career in 1985 at the age of 15, collaborating with some radio stations and several night clubs in Rome’s “castelli” area. He was resident at the disco “Le Griffe” with his colleague Daniele Piredda until 1989. It’s in this period that the musical phenomenon called “House” reached Italy, and Roberto immediately took it into consideration, proposing it during his evenings which, in the meantime, were growing in popularity also thanks to the introduction of Techno, therefore, rave parties in the early 90’s. After that phase, and presently, the sounds he plays for us are: House, Garage, Deep, Soulful and Electro House.

Radio experience: As already mentioned, Roberto Albini leads a dual role, (evenings) and his activity as a radio speaker. In february 2008, he started his recording journey with “Doctor Music Rec., with the launching of the singles, “Free Spirit” and “Northern Wind”, founded with Daniele Piredda. In september 2008 (again with DanielePiredda), he began collaborating with artists for the creation and production of remixes. Among the artists: Serenity Plays (london) and Poni (london). In 2013, start collaborations with artists all over the world, such as, Meisha Moore, Chris Winter, Meechie (Chicago – USA), Charles Cooper (Baltimore – USA), Tisetso Ntsheno (Durban – South Africa) Botshelo Moate (South Africa),Zoubida Mebarki (France), Keith Pole (New York, USA), Paolo Del Prete, Daniele Piredda (Italy) and other.



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  1. I really luv Ur profile. Awesome
    Keep on bringing the fiyahh!!!!!

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