• N’Dinga Gaba

changing the world and it’s bad listening habits one person at a time

N'Dinga city editName: N’Dinga Gaba
Born: January 31st
Current location: Baltimore, Maryland
Positions: Owner of Global Diplomacy Productions, Musician, DJ, Producer, Radio, Remixer, event manager, night club operations

N’Dinga Gaba has been on the music scene for two decades as a DJ, Producer, Musician and Composer. Hailing from Central African Republic with his musical operations based in Baltimore, Maryland, N’Dinga is taking the musical world by storm. N’Dinga has embraced a variety of musical styles over his career. He has played with several symphony orchestras and jazz bands as a trombonist, and as a DJ, has toured with hip hop and rock acts, and is proficient in all styles of electronic music, including, down tempo, broken beat, drum and bass, and house.

Also known as “The Diplomat, DJ Nuclear,” and “The Love House Movement,” N’Dinga’s musical style is hard to define. Currently you can find N’Dinga’s music and re-mixes on top labels, such as, Foliage Records, Peng Records, Sole Channel Music, Offering Recordings, Code Red Recordings, Jinks Inc., and Universe Media, to name a few.

He has also had his music featured on compilations, such as 10 Years of Soul Heaven compiled and mixed by Louie Vega (Soul Heaven Records) and on Dj Tira Presents Afro Lounge Vol 2 Mixed by Tumza (Sheleter Music/Afrotainment). With notable hits including, Queen and I Know (Sole Channel Music), Live 4 Now & Summer Breeze (Foliage Records), and his smash remixes of Muzzaik’s Work It ( Dub Life) and LeRoyal’s Promise (Code Red Recordings), his music continues to dominate dance floors and airwaves worldwide.

• N’Dinga on Facebook
• N’Dinga on Traxsource
• Global Diplomacy’s Website
• Global Diplomacy Productions on Facebook
• N’Dinga on Twitter
• Global Diplomacy on Twitter
• Global Diplomacy on Instagram



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