Dudek Patrick

Name: Dudek Patrick
(Artist Name): Dudek Patrick
Born: 29.12.1973
Current Location: Vienna
Dj, Radio Dj

More about Dudek Patrick


Vienna (Austria) based DJ Patrick Dudek aka Pacid Dee, started when he got his first pair of technics back in 1989.
1992 he met the founder of Futureclub Austria-Bookings.
Patrick became a member and played at the local rave and club scene as well as abroad back in the day as a Futureclub/Artist.
Patrick has not stopped mixing ever since, still play regularly at clubs and private parties.
With more than over 25 years of experience in the electronic
music scene, he never lost his passion for the soulful deep underground house.

—Soulful – Underground – House—-
Dudek Patrick´s Radio Show at www.thesessionworldwide.com
every Saturday from 12pm to 1pm EST
Vienna Local Time 6pm to 7pm



Dudek Patrick on Facebook
Dudek Patrick on Twitter
Dudek Patrick on Soundcloud
Dudek Patrick on Mixcloud
Dudek Patrick on Hearthis



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