Groovefinder’s Night #1

We had the great pleasure to welcome many good friends at the weekend from 3rd to 5th June in Hamburg.  They came from all over the world, and something very special was going on there in those three days. Please have a look at the pictures and check out the Groovefinder’s Family….

This is what Birke says: 
Thank you all,for celebrating Groovefinder´s Night #1 with us..thank you, for this awesome feedback, after..people, who knows me a little bit more, knows, that the greatest joy in my life is, to make other people happy..for me it´s the most wonderful thing in my life..saw so many happy and smiling faces..I´m in no need for anything else..and yes..I´m feeling proud too!..we were able to create something special.all together!!!…gives me the faith to continue!!! be on the right way!!..
I´m real thankful and I´m blessed!!!!..big big thank you to our lovely crew!!!!!..without their awesome support, trust, love and faith towards us..we wouldn´t have made this dream come true.. feeling so closed to you now..we became a real family, and believe me..I miss you all in my should do it again!!!..🙂..thank you for the you more..🙂..bless you all!! ..yours BIRKE xxx

This is what Markus says:

I had one of the best weekends ever, being together with people who share the same love for music and for life. It was awesome to see all those happy faces and to see people smile, laugh, connect, and talk and making friendship – and having a good time. I am also happy that some people will hook up after our little groovefinder thing and do some music together. That is how it should be. I am just happy, still overwhelmed, having little tears in my eyes and I miss you all.
And please let me say, I am blessed to have met Birke a few years ago. Thank you Birke for just being the most wonderful person you are and to open your great heart and making this happen. we just did it… Your smile makes the world a better place

Gallery #1 (pics by Carsten Wäßerling)

Gallery #2 (pics by Stuart Vaughan)


Gallery #3 (Pics by Todd Gardner, MaxK, Tony Stephenson)


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