New: Back2BackFM

Founded: 2010
Location: North London UK


Link To The Station
Back2Back on Twitter
Back2Back on Facebook
Back2Back on Mixcloud


6am Geoff Leonard(replay)
8am Scott Turner South Rd Cellar
10am Deep Tenor City Radio Show/ Nick Blow
12pm Mucho Soul (replay)
2pm Randy J
4pm Minnie Dipple(replay)
6pm The Too Funky Show with Patrick Steele
8pm Richard Loban
10am Linden J
12am Dj Lmc
2am Josh Emman (replay)

7am Des Cridland(replay)
9am Collins & Mason (replay)
11am Colin Miller(replay)
1pm Dj Sammy
3pm Stacey Dee Collins
5pm SoulMaster T
7pm Tom Funk
9pm Justin Green
11pm Dj Mastakut
1am Vintage Sounds with Don Pascal( replay )

8am FutureSoul with Tony Dacosta(replay)
10am Kinky D’s Secret House Party
12pm Don Pascal (replay)
2pm Stacey Dee Collins(replay)
4pm Josh Emman presents Aries Audio Show
6pm Michael Dacosta
8pm Colesy Good Groove Wednesday
10pm M Groove Good Groove Wednesday
12am Richie C (replay)
2am Def K (replay)

8am Justin Green(replay)
10am Ian Jackson
12pm Geoff Leonard
2pm Des C
4pm GlobalSoul with Shep Kennedy
6pm Clive Johns
8pm Paul C
10pm Kylson
12am The Eclectic Lounge with Phil Levene(replay)
2am Marky Mark Soulmotive Djs (replay)

8am Colin Miller’s Friday Morning Glory
10am Jonathan Dabner
12pm Stacey Dee Collins (replay)
2pm Tony B
4pm Atich B from Soul II Soul
7pm Minnie Dipple
9pm Lee Phillips
12am Rushen
3am Wez Champion

6am Scott Turner(replay)
8am Michael Dacosta(replay)
10am Dave Malone
12pm FutureSoul with Tony Daosta
2pm Robbie
4pm Collins & Mason
6pm Marky Mark Soulmotive Djs
8pm Def K and DJ Fingers (Mixmasters)
10pm Andy Ten Pints
12am The Eclectic Lounge with Phil Levene
2am Clive Johns ( replay )
4am GlobalSoul with Shep Kennedy(replay)

8am Kelly B
11am Stevie D.
1pm Mucho Soul Show with Ket Shah & Dj AKA
3pm Don Pascal presents Vintage Sounds
5pm Freestylin with Richie C
7pm Dr Fusion
9pm Afro Groove



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