Merry Christmas

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are on a holiday break.

See you back on 4th January.

Much Love

Birke, Markus and Colin


Georgy Petrov – DJ Goby

After long outage I’m back on the deck, spreading best of Disco, Nu-Disco, Deep house music all over the world.

Georgy Petrov – DJ Goby
Born: 19/02/1978
Current Location: Sofia, Bulgaria



About Georgy

I started as a DJ in early 1994, playing 12″ in major Bulgarian night clubs within various styles from Hip-Hop, Soul, Garage to Disco and House in a team with @Borra as “2F DJs Project”. Together we won a couple of national DJ contests for club music and DMC technique.
Strongly influenced from Disco, Chicago and Soulful House.
After a long outage I’m back on deck to spread best of Nu-Disco and House music all over the world.
In addition to this I am working on a project @Lost-in-Dub to create edits in Disco and House genres.


Cyberjamz Radio

Cyberjamz Radio
Location: Tampa Bay, US
Founded: 2003 by Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis


Link To The Station

Cyberjamz on Facebook
Cyberjamz on Twitter


House of Soul w/Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) 9am – 2pm est

Wil Milton Music Cafe  2pm – 4pm est

Subway Mixes with Dj Mel E Mel – 4pm – 6pm est est *Temp Show till we get this slot filled

Soul Sessions w/ Big Al Smith 6pm-8pm est

The B.K Show w/ Dj Val  8pm – 11 pm est (bi-Weekly)

*Pistol Pete – Housemares on Gold St   8 – 11pm est (bi-weekly)



**Open Slot  7am – 10am est

Hippie Torrales pres: What is Hip? 10am to 1pm est

Open Slot 1pm- 3pm est

Big Logan pres Jersey Soul Experience  3pm to 5pm est

Will Gee pres. Umoja 5pm – 8pm est

AB7 pres. Soul Stoned House 8pm – 10 pm est.

Dj Eddie-Ed pres. Ed’s House  10pm – 12 am est

Channel 2 Tuesday Line-up

Dj Qwest pres. The Qwest Spot  6pm – 8pm est – Ch.2

Dj Algebra pres. Gettin Housed  8pm-10pm



James Vincent pres. Sound Gallery Sessions 12am-2am est.

* Open Slot 9am – 11am est

Blayne Ashmore pres. Feelin It ! 11am- 1pm est

Hump-Day Excursions w/ TheSoulfulOne  1 – 4pm est

Soul Power w/The Nasty Man Neal Conway 4 – 6pm est

Dj FM pres. Baby Powder Sessions 6pm – 8pm est

Greg Gray pres.”NuBang Clan Session”Live from Chicago  8pm to 11pm est



Cyberjamz Radio Summer/Autumn Music Slam 10 am – 12 pm est

Dj T-Wise pres. Ubiquity Soul 12noon – 3pm est

Mystic Vybrations with Michael Stukes  3 – 5pm est

Tee Cee 13 pres Zing-Zang Productions  New York City USA  – 5-7pm est

RHOUSE pres. Miami Heat Live from Miami Florida  7pm to 9pm

The Keemix Show w/ Hakeem Syrbram  9pm – 11pm est



Friday Vintage Soul Show w/ Lady Vintage Soul – LVS  9am – 11am est

Cordell Johnson pres: 63rd & Soul 11am – 1pm est

Dj Erv près. Midday Mix 1pm – 3pm est

Leonc pres: The Psychadelic Shack 3pm – 6pm est

Franke Estevez pres: Fuzion 6pm – 8pm est

The Ride with David Shell  8pm – 10pm est

DJ Ras pres: Friday Night House Party 10pm to 12am est




**Open slots * 8am to 12pm est

Milk Chocolate Collectiv 12 – 2 pm est

Lifted w/ Mike Feva 2 – 4pm est

Celeste Alexander pres. Celestial Odessy 4 – 6 pm est

Dj Micheal Menton pres. Dance of Distinction Showcase Saturday’s from 6pm-9pm est (NYC)

Alt weeks:

Bassment Sessions- Sons of Soul w/Tony Mack & Demann 6pm to 9pm est

Soulful Temptations w/ Todd Love (Monthly) 9pm – 12am est



Jorge Gee pres. The Curious Jorge Show Live from Ft.Lauderdale (FL) 7am – 10am est

Grooveland Sessions w/ Edground & guest Dj’s 10am – 11am est

The Official Underground Network U.K w/ Mike Touhey  11am – 1pm est

Dj Mel E Mel – Subway Mixes Sunday  1pm- 3 pm est

Steve Bass pres: “Mixing it up” – New Jersey  3pm – 6pm est

DJ Saint Sanchez pres. Soulful Cypher 6pm to 8pm est alternating weeks w/

Djjoels Muzyk pres Soulful Lounge Sessions 6pm to 8pm est

The Bk Basement w/ Delmar Browne 8pm – 10pm est


Channel 02 Sunday

Sunday School Sessions w/ Keith Porterhouse 2pm – 6 pm est

Lush Vybes w/ Selectress MizzKae 6pm to 8pm est

Franco Lenti – Franky Fresh

Born: 09.01.1974
Current Location: Switzerland
DJ, Producer




Soundcloud:                                  Mixcloud:
Hearthis:                                                    Facebook:                                                                      Twitter:

About Franco

IMG_3028It was in 1992 when he heard the Radio station COULEUR 3 and the show produced by Mr. Mike. Since that moment his heart beats only for House music…
In the course of the years, he played as warm up DJ for big acts like George Morel, Boris Duglosch, Tini Tune and many others, and at several parties in Switzerland. In August 2011, he released his first track “Adriana’s Sax” – one of many tracks to follow.
Being featured on numerous Housemusic channels online. It’s just the beginning of the story… Stay tuned!


Paul Hampson – DJ Hammy

My musical roots are firmly set in the soulful house camp,with a bit of Disco, deep and Afro house thrown in

Paul Hampson – DJ Hammy
Born: 15 Oct 1969
Current Location: London




About Paul

2015-11-02 13.00.07 (1)I started My DJ journey back on the mid 80’s doing mobile parties. My Technics 1210’s were where it was ! And I thought nothing of humping 4 full records boxes round to each gig !! The art of DJ’ing has moved on in respect of technology but one thing is the same ! Music unites people. My musical roots are firmly set in the soulful house camp,with a bit of Disco, deep and Afro house thrown in.


Peter Safranyos – The Great Galeri

His musical journey began in the late 90’s when he came across the unique sound of Frankie Knuckles, Pete Heller, Full Intention and Olav Basoski to name a few

Peter Safranyos – The Great Galeri
Born: 1984
Current Location: Budapest, Hungary
Position in Music: DJ and Producer




About Peter

Peter Safranyos aka The Great Galeri is a rising Hungarian soulful / funky house DJ and producer. His musical journey began in the late 90’s when he came across the unique sound of Frankie Knuckles, Pete Heller, Full Intention and Olav Basoski to name a few. In 1998, Pete Heller’s massive club hit ’Big Love’ was the track that introduced him to house music.

the-great-galeri-2Needless to say, he instantly fell in love with the sound, which urged him to start discovering the house music scene and its roots. He had to dig deep, as far as the 1970s / 80s to discover the golden era of funk and disco, which ultimately led him to the roots of house music. The endless amount of incredible tracks from that time gave him a fresh perspective about emotional music.

Although, growing up as a young boy he was influenced by a number of different genres of electronic music, soulful and funky house music have had the biggest impact in forming his musical taste.

He’s got stuck with uplifting soulful and funky house music through the years, which he plays regularly in his monthly radioshow called ’Budapest Soulful & Funky Vocal House Sessions’ as well as at gigs. Sun-kissed beats, glamorous bar grooves, captivating vocals and luscious melodies are some of the key elements that represent his sound. His mixes take you on a blissful journey from timeless soulful house grooves to pulsating funky house rhythms, spreading a tempting vibe you can’t resist to dance to.