Colin’s Corner

Colin Brown is one of our best friends in this virtual world, and we are happy that at least one of half us had met him already in the real life, the rest will follow.

Colin is the London-Correspondent of Groovefinder’s World and will serve some delicious pics and videos for your pleasure…
He is close to those Artists.


21st August: Colin went to Eric Roberson at the Jazz Cafè and had the pleasure to talk to this lovely Artist. Check the video, it is awesome.

11th August: Moyses Dos Santos at Pizza Express
Our man in London attended this concert at Pizza Express and he says: Last night I saw Moyses Dos Santos and Friends in concert.
An unbelievable night of great music. Moyses had friends like Georgia van Etten and Pete Ray Biggin with him on stage. Colin took the footage. Check out what they did with “Inner City Blues”  – Just awesome !!!


8th August: Tracy Hamlin was in town. Colin used the chance to meet her at Soul Brother Records at Keswick Road and spent the afternoon with her talking about music. Tracy signed copies of her lovely new album “No Limits” at Soul Brothers.


check Soulbrother Records

check Tracy’s Album on iTunes

and have a listen to one of her Housetracks too

SuCh live @MusicConnex – The Jazz Café – 28/06/2015

The pics 🙂

Guida da Palma & Jazzhino feat. Leon Ware – live @ Richmix


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