Oliver Di Giusto – DJ Oli-D

As he was working in the DJ shop , he was surrounded by vinyls and DJ’s. He got the inspiration and taste to mix with all these tunes that were coming out every day

Oliver Di Giusto – DJ Oli-D
Born: 11 February 1976
Current Location: Lausanne Switzerland
DJ, Producer, Radio DJ



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About Oli-D

Oli-D got into dj’ing in 1994 because of his mother, who was one of the first swiss female DJ in the 90s. She owned a famous Record Shop near Montreux in Switzerland.
As he was working in the DJ shop , he was surrounded by vinyls and DJ’s. He got the inspiration and taste to mix with all these tunes that were coming out every day.

DSC_5479From then on, he started to get a name for himself in clubs and radios scene in Switzerland. He was spinning his tunes on the most well known radio’s like, Couleur 3, Radio Framboise. And all the big clubs and festivals such as the famous Montreux jazz festival.
1998 he got together with DJ Daryl and they started to produce their own tunes in their home studio. In 1999 they created a track for the international Red Cross that was broadcast in more than 30 countries around the world as a message of peace. The track was called Dignity.

In 2004 he got married and had kids, he decided to focus into his family and make a break with music. 2014 for fun, he decided to start mixing again. By the  end of the year he put a mix on Mixcloud. Bang! Everything started to go fast and he hasn’t stopped since.
2015 he started to DJ again on radios and in clubs.

Radio & Podcast Residency: More Bass Radio NYC (USA), Aegean Lounge Radio (Greece/Spain), Sons of Music (Berlin / Stockholm).
Club & Bar Residency: KJU (Q) Club, Punk Bar.

E-Mail: oliver.dig@gmail.com



Sudad Ghadaban

Predominantly inspired by the contemporary black music, but also by the italo disco music of the eighties, he writes as teenager already catchy and danceable songs

Sudad Ghadaban – Sudad G
Born: March 1972
Current Location: Wuppertal (Germany)
Artist, Producer, Remixer


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About Sudad

Sudad Ghadaban begins his musical career in the middle of the eighties. Predominantly inspired by the contemporary black music, but also by the italo disco music of the eighties, he writes as teenager already catchy and danceable songs. After finishing highschool, Sudad Ghadaban moves to the Ruhr Area where he builds up his small project-studio in Wuppertal and dedicates to the production of electronic dance music. There he starts to work together with numerous local DJs and musicians.

Sudad G (5) bHe makes his breakthrough in 1997 with the title “No More Pain”, released under the project name “Modern Art” on More Music, as a result of a co-production with “Planet-E Music”. This title produced in a “euro dance style” appears also in several German and some other European Dance Charts. In 1997 Sudad Ghadaban meets the Düsseldorf’s House and Techno Producer Frank Stertkamp. Moved by the same musical preferences, they found their own music production company “Subdivide Music Productions”. Since both producers love the warm jazzy deep-house sound, as well as the harsher trance / techno sound, the decision of establishing two independent projects is soon made. The first successfully named “Hi-Lite Scan” (House/Deep House), the second “Atlantique”. So far, several titles running under both projects have been released.

In 1998 follows the inclusion in the Publisher Warner / Chappell. While the former Sony/Epidrome act Atlantique celebrates his debut with the Maxi CD “Dreams are here to stay”, playing stylistically rather in the UK-Vocal-Trance style, the project Hi-Lite Scan, tends to endorse more its native Deep House sound. In 2001 Hi-Lite Scan’s single “Work The Box”, reaches the first place of the international Discomania sale charts. The single is also released as the only German production on the British sampler “House Warming 2” by Ministry of Sound.

Up to 2006 follow numerous other releases with artists such as Boysie White, James Wilson and several remixes for Fuel/WEA Records.

After a long creative pause, Sudad Ghadaban is back. Under his new project named “ Sudad G” he co-produces several songs by GROOVE ADDIX, Eduardo Tristao, H@K, DJ Geehan, Alex Milla, Olli Wallner as well as some remixes for Adrienne Nails, Layla Jayne, Sophia May, J.M. Browne, Tascha Johnson and Liah Walker from the U.S, and Jermaine Dalrymple, Debbie Sharp, Linnette Talyor, Janine Johnson, Channel Blair, Jenny Cruz and Ronnie Canada from UK and Delorean Suite from Irland.

He belongs by now to the regular remixers of Quantize Recordings (U.S.), Karmic Power Records, Phunky Rabbit Records (UK), Attractive Music (Germany) und E/M Music (U.S.).
2014 follows the inclusion in the publisher ROBA Musik Verlag GmbH in  Hamburg.

EMail: sudad@gmx.de



Heavy Soul! Cambridge

They all found a mutual passion for buying, collecting, playing and sharing quality soul, jazz & funk and everything in between

Heavy Soul! Cambridge
Nik Butress, Paul Bennett, Shaun Owen
Location: Cambridge, UK
Founded: 2009
DJ Collective, Radio DJs

Nik, Paul & Shaun are on Stompradio with the Heavy Soul! show every other Thursday, between 8pm & 10pm.

About Heavy Soul!

The Cambridge soul collective Heavy Soul! was formed by the coming together of 3 like minded guys, Nik Buttress, Paul Bennett & Shaun Owen following a chance meeting in a local pub where Nik had been asked to organize a soul night. They all found a mutual passion for buying, collecting, playing and sharing quality soul, jazz & funk and everything in between.

11885273_10153180291049001_962280924401266007_nNik & Paul are long time friends, having known each other since secondary school and staying close for the next 30+ years. They both shared a love of mid 80’s soul & hip hop that was crossing the Atlantic from the city of New York & beyond which still remains to this day.

Shaun had a head start on Nik & Paul being a few years older and was a major part of the burgeoning Cambridge soul scene in the late 70’s and early 80’s, gaining his education at events run at legendary local venues The Burleigh Arms, the Howard Mallet Soul Club, The Old Bull, Royston.

Unknown at the time, their paths crossed on Sunday nights at Hobson’s where Shaun would be in attendance with locals DJ’s and then at Shaun’s own night, the Wic Wac Club at Ronelles Night Club in Cambridge City Centre .

10689653_912161432130307_5772468936192280907_nSo in 2009, after a couple of chats over more than a few beers, Heavy Soul! was formed to play & promote the best in Soul, Funk & Jazz in and around the Cambridge area and beyond. Starting off with nights run at the ‘Grad Pad’ at the Cambridge University Centre, the guys slowly built up a loyal local following, bringing the likes of Ginger Tony, Paul Clark & Les Knott to Cambridge to the area.

In 2012, Shaun brought to life a dream he had been holding onto and Sunday Soul Blessings was born. A free event where established and new DJs’ could get to share their love of all things soulful, be it Soul, Funk, Jazz, House, Reggae, Hip Hop. The guys all pulled together to make the dream happen and when they found their spiritual home at The Red Lion, Cherry Hinton, the event became bigger and better going onto to win the title of ‘Favourite Club East’ at the East Anglian Soul Awards 2015.

11252857_10204501778128586_6295077621951471528_nThey are now an integral part of the Sunny Hunny & Family Affair Soul Weekenders in November & March every year, as well as being heavily involved in the Great Yarmouth Soul Festival run by Richards Parties on the East Coast.

A year later in 2013, following a couple of guest appearances on Graham ‘Grumpy’ Brown’s Soullin’ show on Stomp Radio, the guys were offered the chance to host their own fortnightly Thursday night show on the popular internet radio station which they jumped at, and took to the airwaves like ducks to water and haven’t looked back since coming up for their 3 year anniversary on the station in January 2016.



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Contact: via the Facebook-Group

Godfrey Fletcher

At six years old, he fell in love with music while he was playing around with his father’s record player.  This new found admiration of music started his long journey in the music industry

Godfrey Fletcher
Dj Niceness aka Neo2soul
Born: 23/2/68
Current Location: Wolverhampton West Midlands UK


About Godfrey

Godfrey Fletcher is a Celebrity DJ, owner of Neo2 Soul Promotions, a philanthropist and former A&R for many prestigious record labels. Fletcher’s love of music began in the United Kingdom where he was born and raised.  At six years old, he fell in love with music while he was playing around with his father’s record player.  This new found admiration of music started his long journey in the music industry.  As a teenager, he began to volunteer at his school’s music youth center where he learned how to deejay.

djingBy the age of 18, Fletcher began deejaying on the local radio station called, Skyline FM.  While deejaying for the station, he won the title, “Best Soul DJ”. His deejay career started to take off.  He performed in nightclubs in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Stoke-on- Trent.  As his name grew throughout Europe, he began to deejay for artist such as Usher, Public Enemy, Cyprus Hill, House of Pain and many more.

IMG_0078Fletcher’s A& R career started when Sony, Arista, Universal and Def Jam asked him to manage their “Street Team” and help find undiscovered and unsigned talent.   This started Godfrey’s love of finding unsigned talent and supporting them on their musical journey.  Fletcher spent many years working with unsigned and independent artists all over the world including the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. Currently, Fletcher is the CEO & president of Neo2Soul Promotions and is dedicated to increasing exposure and awareness of undiscovered talent by offering marketing and promotional outlets via social networks, radio, and many other media outlets.  His main focus is helping the artist grow and get exposure in a very competitive industry. Godfrey has been leading, training, and motivating artists throughout his professional career.   Fletcher stated,

“The most rewarding part of my career has been seeing artist benefit from the support I’ve provided”

As a philanthropist, Fletcher created Neo2soul 4 Youth C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) which explores young people’s creativity through informal educational activities which combine enjoyment, challenge and learning. His main mission is to empower young people to be confident , productive,  successful and fulfill their life purpose.

Currently, Fletcher is continuing his journey in the music industry while helping others reach their goals and dreams. He believes that every artist deserves a chance and he continues to pave the way for the new artist of the future.






Blog interview

Neo2soul Blog


Social Links
EMail: n2spromotion@aol.com

Eric Kupper

Almost 30 years of house music…! He has worked on over 100 Billboard number 1 dance records and has mixed two records that have received the “Dance Record of the Year” Grammy award.

Born: July 10
Current Location: USA
DJ/Producer/Artist/Label Owner
Contact:  ekhysteria@aol.com

About Eric

284980_251141141577680_3834258_nEric Kupper got his start over two decades ago working as a keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter for such producer and remixers as David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Arthur Baker, Mark Kamins, Justin Strauss, Peter Rauhofer, and Richie Jones to name a few.

Since 1986 he has played on, remixed, and/or produced over 2000 records for artists spanning all contemporary musical genres. He is one of the few artists in dance music today that is a master multi-instrumentalist. A true musician. Over the years, thousands and thousands of hours in the studio has polished Eric Kupper into one of the most sought after producers/remixer/musicians in the world.

The remix work is astounding. Major label artists that have taken the Kupper treatment include Garbage, Usher, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keyes, DJ Cassidy feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J., Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5, Ariana Grande, Depeche Mode, Mary J. Blige, BT, Joe Jonas, Marianne Faithful, Goldfrapp, Cher, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Kathy Sledge, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie Minogue, Korn, Moloko, New Order, Yoko Ono, Dido, Selena Gomez, Brandy, Curtis Mayfield, Robert Palmer, Afrika Bambaata & Soulsonic Force, Kate Bush, 808 State, Jessica Simpson, Anastacia, Donna Summer… He has worked on over 100 Billboard number 1 dance records and has mixed two records that have received the “Dance Record of the Year” Grammy award.

315662_292250710800056_1104206056_nMuch of Kupper’s massive discography is derived from his work as a studio musician and a
remixer. His work as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger has helped sell over 50 million records
for artists such as Anastacia, Marc Anthony, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez. In the role of “additional production and keyboards” Eric has worked with Madonna, Celine
Dion, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, LCD Soundsystem, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Anastacia, Seal, Janet Jackson, Kelis, Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton, Everything But The Girl, Björk, and David Bowie…

He recently produced for Aretha Franklin

Recently, Eric produced a track for the October 2014 release “Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics” which became the first top 10 album for the “Queen of Soul” in over 30 years. It reached number 1 on the Billboard R&B album chart. Other producers on the album include Babyface and Andre 3000.

282543_243670695658058_1256066_nAs a producer/mixer, Eric also creates a great deal of music outside of the dance realm, including unashamed pop, heavy rock, punk, folk, indie rock, or whatever floats his musical boat at the moment. Artists include 
Roisin Murphy, Coolbone, John Wesley Harding, Drill, PM Dawn, Julee Cruise, The Butterflies of Love, Saint Etienne, Bonnie Bailey, Robina, Gaz Brookfield, McQueen, Lovebites, Jaymes Bullet, Laura Pausini, and Gloria Estefan.

Eric has remixed hit records for many Japanese artists, including Yuki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Genki Rockets, Favorite Blue, Studio Apartment, Cargo, Orienta Rhythm, and Mayu. He has also produced and co-written a song for the violinist Chieko Kinbara, an esteemed member of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Eric was one of the original 5 Hed Kandi DJ’s

Eric was one of the original 5 Hed Kandi DJ’s, where he enjoyed a residency at London’s Pacha for four years, as well as DJing all over the globe as an independent DJ or as a Hed Kandi resident. These days you can find Eric performing worldwide, sometimes with keyboards in the DJ booth for added flavor. As a DJ Eric is known for his keen ability to read an audience. Whether serving up the deepest soulful grooves or big room anthems, his sets always rock the crowd.

Cementing his underground house roots, Eric released an album in 2009 under his critically acclaimed “K-Scope” moniker. Entitled “Electrikiss,” it was released by Nitegrooves/King Street in the USA and Grand Gallery in Japan. A sexy mixture of cutting edge electronics infused with undeniable soul, it was championed by DJ’s all over the world including Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Andy Caldwell, and many more.

286374_251145714910556_6488056_oIn 2011 through early 2014, Eric placed a great deal of focus on his partnership with long-term collaborator Frankie Knuckles, under the name “Director’s Cut”. The first single “I’ll Take You There” featured Jamie Principle on vocals and was released on Nocturnal Groove. Since then, nearly everything with the “Director’s Cut” name on it (original tracks and remixes) has reached the top 5 on the Traxsource downloads chart, most topping the chart at #1. The remix of Human Life’s “In It Together” was truly one of the summer anthems of 2011. The Director’s Cut remix of “Need You (100%)” by Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E hit #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart in August of 2013. The world lost a true music pioneer upon Frankie’s untimely passing in March 2014. Eric will continue to carry on the Director’s Cut style, as a testament to his close musical relationship with Frankie.

223030_251141268244334_3655715_nIn the summer of 2011, a new Eric Kupper original single entitled “Bloom” was released on Wave Music (which is also available on vinyl!!). It was championed by such diverse DJ’s as Louie Vega, François K., Desyn Masielo, Osunlade, Danny Howells, Paul Woolford, among many others. 2011 also saw the return of Eric’s highly regarded label Hysteria Records. The first release was entitled “Emeralds” and re-established the Hysteria imprint as a major contender in house music.

The first release from the new collaborative effort with Kenny Summit, under the name “Proper” has yielded a Traxsource #1 record. This single, “Over Here” on Classic Music Company, is just a taste of what is to come from this duo. Quality house music, with an emphasis on timelessness and high quality sonics…

12226914_946044932132683_8162374508291831466_nEric has been directing much of his focus to his independent label Hysteria Records and remixing major label artists. His Katy Perry remix hit #1 on the Billboard Club Chart in November of 2014. He has had a massive string of hit club records recently, including his solo singles on Hysteria “On Love” and “Oscillations”, and his smash remix of Gusto “Disco’s Revenge”, also on Hysteria. Much more to come. Stay tuned…


Eric on Facebook
Eric on Twitter

Contact:  ekhysteria@aol.com

Colin’s Corner

Colin Brown is one of our best friends in this virtual world, and we are happy that at least one of half us had met him already in the real life, the rest will follow.

Colin is the London-Correspondent of Groovefinder’s World and will serve some delicious pics and videos for your pleasure…
He is close to those Artists.


21st August: Colin went to Eric Roberson at the Jazz Cafè and had the pleasure to talk to this lovely Artist. Check the video, it is awesome.

11th August: Moyses Dos Santos at Pizza Express
Our man in London attended this concert at Pizza Express and he says: Last night I saw Moyses Dos Santos and Friends in concert.
An unbelievable night of great music. Moyses had friends like Georgia van Etten and Pete Ray Biggin with him on stage. Colin took the footage. Check out what they did with “Inner City Blues”  – Just awesome !!!


8th August: Tracy Hamlin was in town. Colin used the chance to meet her at Soul Brother Records at Keswick Road and spent the afternoon with her talking about music. Tracy signed copies of her lovely new album “No Limits” at Soul Brothers.


check Soulbrother Records

check Tracy’s Album on iTunes

and have a listen to one of her Housetracks too

SuCh live @MusicConnex – The Jazz Café – 28/06/2015

The pics 🙂

Guida da Palma & Jazzhino feat. Leon Ware – live @ Richmix