DHP Radio

DHP Radio
Location: New York
Founded by Timmy Richardson aka TOT
Link To The Station


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All Times for New York, London plus 5 Hours, Berlin plus six

8pm-10pm   The Soulafied One | Soulafied Housepitality
10pm-12am DJ Zaid AbdulRahim | Soulful Horizons

1pm- 2pm   Donna Edwards | Shades of Dance
8:30pm- 11pm Timmy Richardson aka TOT | The Timsanity Show
11pm- 1pm Estefano the Record Man | The Music Sanctuary

3pm-6pm    Sal Paradise | Lost In Transition
7:30pm-11pm BootyValdovinos | The Driftless Ministry of Cultural Affairs presents…

8pm – 10pm DJ Val | The BK Show
10pm – 12am DJ D RAW | The Happiness Show

12pm-2pm DJ Blayne | Feelin’ It!
2pm-5pm   JMJ | Off The Deep End
10pm-12am  Madeulook Brooklyn

4pm-5pm Jimmy Clanfield / Alison Marks
8pm-10pm Darrel Ellerbe | Spoonful of Soul

12am-2am DJ Giorgio D
4pm-6pm DJ Brian “Shadow” Williams
9pm-11pm Some Guy Named Mark B



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