Zero Radio

one station under a groove

Zero Radio 

Founded: 2009 by Mervyn Griffith and Ian Reading
Location: Hockley, Essex, UK

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Les Knott, who is featured in Groovefinder’s World, is playing on this Station.


all times for UK, Central Europe plus one hour


1pm-3pm: Jon Jules Quality Street (Replay)
3pm-5pm: Simon van Os Drive Time
5pm-7pm: ‘Monday Mission’ with Ian Jons
7pm-9pm: ‘The Monday Boogaloo’ with Tony Mac
9pm-11pm: ‘The Reggae & SKA ‘ with Steve Bocking


1pm-3pm: ‘Seaside Vibes’ – Paul Clark (replay from Saturday)
3pm-5pm: Simon van Os Drive Time Show
5pm-7pm“the Selection Box” with Phil Alsford
7pm-10pm: ´The Soul Sanctuary’ with Bully
10pm-12am: ´Chilled Choonz´ with Merv ´Swerve´ Griffiths (Replay from Sunday)


1pm-3pm: ‘Soul City’ with Lee ‘Fatbloke’ Aldwinckle (Replay from Sunday)
3pm-5pm: Simon van Os Drive Time Show
6pm-8pm: ‘The Mike Hemmings Radio Show’ with Mike Hemmings
8pm-10pm: ‘The Wednesday Wind up’ with Chris Clayton
10pm-12am: Jazz Funk n Soul with Les Knott


1pm-3pm: Back in the Day with Carl Stuart (replay)
3pm-5pm: Simon van Os Drive Time Show
5pm-7pm: ‘Saturday Soulmine’ with Jonny Layton (Replay from Saturday)
7pm-9pm: ‘The Soul Armoury’ with Nick Gunn
9pm-11pm: ‘The Preekend Show’ with Simon van Os


1pm-3pm: Soul Inspired with David Bishop (Replay)
3pm-5pm: Simon van Os Drive Time Show
5pm-7pm: ‘Friday Funk Sensation’ with Ian Jons
7pm-9pm: ‘The Bedroom Boogie’ with Merv ‘Swerve’ Griffiths
9pm-11pm: ‘Back In The Day’ with Carl Stuart


8am-10am: ‘The Full English’ with Paul Marks
10am-12pm: ‘The Soul Cafe’
12pm-2pm: ‘The Saturday Soulmine’ with Jonny Layton
2pm-4pm: ´Across the Trax’ with Mark Lee
4pm-6pm: Show’Seaside Vibes’ with Paul Cark
6pm-8pm: ´Soul Inspired´ with David Bishop
8pm-10pm ‘Soulful Session’ with Chris Philps
10pm-12am: ‘Saturday Shakedown’ with Renna McDonagh


9am-11am: ‘The Sunday Service’ with Brian Kelly
11am-1pm: ‘Soul Searching’ with Dave Dundas
1pm-3pm: ‘Sunday Roast’ with Paul Kidley
3pm-5pm: ‘Soul City’ with Lee ‘Fatbloke’ Aldwinckle
5pm-7pm: ‘Quality Street’ with Jon Jules
7pm-9pm: ´Zero Magic’ with Ian Reading
9pm-11pm: ´Chilled Choonz´with Merv ´Swerve´ Griffiths


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