• Soulpower.FM

Soulpower.fm Location: Duisburg, Germany Founded by: Guido Neumann Link to the station Soulpower.fm on Facebook Soulpower.fm on Twitter Advertisements

• DHP Radio

DHP Radio Location: New York Founded by Timmy Richardson aka TOT Link To The Station DHP Radio on Facebook DHP Radio on Twitter

• Mi-Soul

Mi-Soul Location: London, UK Founded: 2012 by Gordon Mac and Martin Strives Link To The Station Mi-Soul on Facebook Mi-Soul on Twitter

• Point Blank FM

Point Blank FM Location: West-London Founded: 1994 Link To The Station Point Blank on Facebook Point Blank on Twitter

• Soulpower-Radio

Soul-Power Radio Founded: 2011 Reading, UK Link To The Station SoulPowerRadio on Twitter SoulPowerRadio on Facebook

• Zero Radio

Zero Radio Founded: 2009 by Mervyn Griffith and Ian Reading Location: Hockley, Essex, UK Link to the Station Zero Radio on Facebook Zero Radio  on Twitter