• Soulpower.FM

24/7 Soul Music – served with much passion Soulpower.fm | Founded by: Guido Neumann Launched: 2014 | Location: Duisburg, Germany Station | Facebook Groovefinders on this Station: Akim B. | Thomas Hüge | Nobu Furukawa | Markus Kater

• DHP Radio

DHP Radio |  Location: New York Founded by Timmy Richardson aka TOT Station | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Timmy also manages the website Deep House Page.

• Mi-Soul

Mi-Soul | Location: London, UK Founded: 2012 by Gordon Mac and Martin Strives Station | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

• Point Blank FM

Point Blank FM | Founded: 1994 Location: West-London Station | Facebook | Twitter | Mixloud Point Blank’s first transmission was back in the cold November of 1994. At that time, while the internet was still making its first tentative steps in the world and other radio stations were preoccupied with a more commercial soundscape, quality house music was a little hard…

• Soulpower-Radio

100% Soul Funk & Jazz Music 24 Hours a Day Soul-Power Radio | Founded: 2011 Location: Reading, UK Station | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Groovefinder’s on this Station: Andy Beggs

• Zero Radio

Zero Radio | Founded by Mervyn Griffith and Ian Reading Launched 2009: Location: Hockley, Essex, UK Station | Facebook | Facebook-Group | Twitter | Youtube Contact: studio@zeroradio.co.uk Groovefinder’s on this Station: Darren Bull | Les Knott Zero Radio is involved in the Kavos Soul & Reggae Week | Margate Soul Festival