Phillynites Radio

Phillynites Radio
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Founder: Sharon Benatti
Launched: 2011
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There are many members of Groovefinder’s World who play on this Station. They are highlighted in the schedule.
All Times are in EST, which is the time for US. You have to add five hours if you live in the UK, six hours, if you live in Continental Europe.



2pm EST Ibiza Live Radio meets Philly Nites Radio
6-8pm EST Silver Foxx Live
8pm Mixmaster Steve Live
9pm DJ Spindetta


Noon DJ Stevie B.
1pm DJ Vern Vinyl
3pm DJ Pasquale Ciccarelli
8pm DJ Quincy Ortiz
9pm DJ Kevin Hicks


3-5pm DJ Stevie Shaw
5pm DJ KingPinn (Bi-Weekly)
7-8.30pm DJ Erik Bell
8.30-10pm DJ Sean Campbell


5pm DJ Ben G.


Noon DJ Lando
1pm DJ Alex Guittini
3pm DJ Craig Mull (Bi-weekly)
5-7pm DJ Will Jackz
8pm DJ Richard Lewis
9pm DJ Don Paco
10pm DJ Ron Tinsley


1pm DJ Marco Dani (Bi-Monthly)
2pm DJ Juneadan (Bi-weekly)
3pm DJ Daddy P
4pm DJ Jay Mello
5pm DJ Pasquale Ciccarelli
6pm DJ G Polese
7pm DJ Matthew Yates
8pm DJ Richard Lewis
9pm DJ Spindetta
10pm DJ Class



4-5pm  Tony Wilson

About the Station

PhillyNites Radio™ began broadcasting in January of 2011 from Philadelphia, PA. The station features the best in Deep House, Soulful House, Afro House and Old School House. The PhillyNites DJ’s bring their talents from all over the globe. The station promotes creativity and unity through house music. PhillyNites Radio presents the latest house music via live streams, podcasts, and special live events during the Winter Music Conference. The station also partners with Ibiza Live Radio where Ibiza Live Radio Dj’s are played on the station every Monday and featured PhillyNites DJ’s are played on Ibiza Live Radio.  Our mission at PhillyNites Radio is to share with our listeners the very best house music artists, producers, and record labels.

PhillyNites Radio was founded by Sharon Benatti, CEO and Owner. Sharon has over 25 years of experience in the music industry. She was in charge of purchasing and the east coast consultant for Tower Records as well as the head buyer for the Dance Department at Tower Records for new store openings. Sharon has also worked at Sound of Market Street Records in Philly. She has also work as a Billboard Reporter.


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