Current Location: Rome, Italy
Club DJ, Radio DJ

About Peppe

IMG_8124 (1)A great admirer of Soul Funk and disco currently play my rework NUFUNK – NU DISCO and SOULFUL
Club Dj,RadioDJ. Almost all over the world play in several Club,
currently work for different web radio in Italy, Spain, South America 

We launched a new web project, I am one of  producers, It is called GrooveRadio in collaboration with Studio11 Napoli Italy.


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(Hercules V and Konstantinos T), aka H@K
Born: March 4,1966.
Current Location: Athens Greece
DJs, Producers, Artists

About H@K

10469488_10204086799034090_7827139661224812157_n (1)H@K, , Athenian Traxsource Top 100 artists  (Hercules V & Konstantinos T) aka H @ K.  With smash hit’s on Unquantize, Nite Grooves, Moulton Music, Solid Ground and others, gives them credentials to fill dance floors all around the World…h@k
made their debut in the Athenian night life in the early 80s (1980)..Their disco and funk vibes developed in house and hip-hop and landed them in some of the most famous clubs in Athens as well as the party islands of Mykonos,Santorini,Crete,Rhodes and Paros….It was not long before their sets found their way to clubs in Brighton(UK) Pussycat, Halmstad(Swed)Gait, Gstad(AU), Chocolate and Ayia napa(CY) Babylon &Faces….Part of their driving force ,craze for music and will to experiment comes from their early passion of collecting vinyl and cds, their extend collection spans tracks from the 60s until now…



Ralf Gum

Ralf is creating Music since 1993

Ralf Gum
Born: 1971 in Würzburg, Germany
Current Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Label Owner

About Ralf

Ralf-GUM-Standing-BWThe DJ – Ralf GUM is one of the most respected figures in the house music scene for the distinctive qualities in his exceptional productions and DJ-sets. Since Ralf’s DJ career started in 1990 he always stayed true to his passion for cool and diverse ho
use music. Harmony & Soul & Groove – are the main ingredients, but just some aspects of Ralf’s typical deep sound. With an instinctive feeling for the right vibe, he convincingly performed all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South- and North America. In autumn 2008 Ralf toured in South Africa for the first time with great response and was the first German house DJ who was booked in Botswana and Swaziland. In 2012 Ralf finally emigrated from his homeland of Germany to the world’s current hot-bed for Soulful House Music, South Africa…

Ralf-GUM-Sofa-01The Producer – Ralf is creating music since 1993. He worked with notable artists as Inaya Day, Monique Bingham, Beate S. Lech, Robert Owens, Kenny Bobien or Caron Wheeler. Ralf released his first artist album titled ‘Uniting Music’ in 2008, which contained the hit-single “Kissing Strangers” a bestseller in its genre the same year. 2012 the follow up album “Never Leaves You” was released. It gained global critical acclaim and reached gold status in South Africa…

ralfgumThe Music – The hallmark of Ralf’s sound is his love for live instrumentation coupled with wicked deep house beats. But the distinctive groove isn’t the only reason for Ralf’s success – his passion and love for all things soulful shines through all time and helps create a simply irresistible vibe…

The Label – Next to his productions and remixes for labels like Defected or Tommy Boy and his seducing DJ-sets, Ralf GUM receives as well worldwide plaudit with his own label GOGO Music…

The Person – crazy not only about music, but also about good food, red wine, faithfulness & his woman…





Ralf’s Homepage
Ralf’s Label Gogo Music
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Ralf on Traxsource


DJ Vinicious

Dj Vinicious 
Born: France
Current Location : Strasbourg
Dj, Producer, RadioDJ

The DopeZone : Weekly radioshow for House Music lovers on D3ep Radio Network (Sat 17h/18h UK time)




Vinicous on D3ep Radio Network
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Xantoné Blacq

Xantoné Blacq

Born: Lagos, Nigeria, June 1974
Current Location: London
Artist, Producer, Remixer, Musical Director, Teacher


About Xan

Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Xantoné Blacq has many years of experience in fusing Jazz-Funk, Soul, Afro and Latin music. His musical career started early when at the age of 3 he would stand on a stool in his church playing congas!


Xan is a seasoned musician having sung and been the keyboard player with Amy Winehouse for 3 years, recorded and toured with violinist Nigel Kennedy’s on his last 3 albums and worked with the like of Jessie J, Mark Ronson, Dionne Bromfield, Earth Wind & Fire, Candi Staton and “Pee Wee” Ellis amongst many others.

Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, MTV Movie Awards, Brit Awards, Lolapalooza are just some of the amazing places that Xan has cut his musical teeth. His own music has been voted twice as iTunes staff favourite and his last album “Revelation” reached no.1 on the UK Soul Chart.


11853790_10207402753893830_1439755938_nXan on Twitter
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Phillynites Radio

Phillynites Radio
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Founder: Sharon Benatti
Launched: 2011
Link to the Station


Phillynites on Facebook
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There are many members of Groovefinder’s World who play on this Station. They are highlighted in the schedule.
All Times are in EST, which is the time for US. You have to add five hours if you live in the UK, six hours, if you live in Continental Europe.



2pm EST Ibiza Live Radio meets Philly Nites Radio
6-8pm EST Silver Foxx Live
8pm Mixmaster Steve Live
9pm DJ Spindetta


Noon DJ Stevie B.
1pm DJ Vern Vinyl
3pm DJ Pasquale Ciccarelli
8pm DJ Quincy Ortiz
9pm DJ Kevin Hicks


3-5pm DJ Stevie Shaw
5pm DJ KingPinn (Bi-Weekly)
7-8.30pm DJ Erik Bell
8.30-10pm DJ Sean Campbell


5pm DJ Ben G.


Noon DJ Lando
1pm DJ Alex Guittini
3pm DJ Craig Mull (Bi-weekly)
5-7pm DJ Will Jackz
8pm DJ Richard Lewis
9pm DJ Don Paco
10pm DJ Ron Tinsley


1pm DJ Marco Dani (Bi-Monthly)
2pm DJ Juneadan (Bi-weekly)
3pm DJ Daddy P
4pm DJ Jay Mello
5pm DJ Pasquale Ciccarelli
6pm DJ G Polese
7pm DJ Matthew Yates
8pm DJ Richard Lewis
9pm DJ Spindetta
10pm DJ Class



4-5pm  Tony Wilson

About the Station

PhillyNites Radio™ began broadcasting in January of 2011 from Philadelphia, PA. The station features the best in Deep House, Soulful House, Afro House and Old School House. The PhillyNites DJ’s bring their talents from all over the globe. The station promotes creativity and unity through house music. PhillyNites Radio presents the latest house music via live streams, podcasts, and special live events during the Winter Music Conference. The station also partners with Ibiza Live Radio where Ibiza Live Radio Dj’s are played on the station every Monday and featured PhillyNites DJ’s are played on Ibiza Live Radio.  Our mission at PhillyNites Radio is to share with our listeners the very best house music artists, producers, and record labels.

PhillyNites Radio was founded by Sharon Benatti, CEO and Owner. Sharon has over 25 years of experience in the music industry. She was in charge of purchasing and the east coast consultant for Tower Records as well as the head buyer for the Dance Department at Tower Records for new store openings. Sharon has also worked at Sound of Market Street Records in Philly. She has also work as a Billboard Reporter.

Tam Brown aka dj. TeeBee

Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974

Tam Brown a.k.a. dj. TeeBee
Born : Dumfries. Scotland
Current location ; Scotland
DJ, promoter, Remixer



Tam on Mixcloud
Tam on Soundcloud
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Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974. A move just up the road to Dumfries in 1978 found Tam working in the local independent record shop, which also had the mobile disco business tied up in the town. Tam quickly progressed from the mobile discos into the clubs that the shop also serviced with DJ’s, now Tam could start playing less commercial music and slip in the odd house and soul track into his sets. In the late eighties Tam steered himself to becoming more involved with the rave/dance culture, which was kicking off big time in Scotland. Tam and his friends would organise and DJ at secret parties in very remote areas in the countryside, in true underground party fashion.

13628_10152301230240969_2478773394580031749_nAs Tam grew older, so it was that his musical taste blossomed and matured into the more soulful side of House music. In 2003 Tam was away from home periodically due to work commitments and the DJing took a reluctant back seat in Tam’s life. After that long and compulsory hiatus, five years ago Tam was freed up from the shackles of his job & back in the game. He was attending EVERY Dumfries Soul night and the DJing flame was ignited once again, sparks turn into flames to coin a classic Soul record and Tam has not looked back since. A Soul boy at heart, Tam is now one of the most active folk on the Scottish Soul scene, both as a promoter/DJ but also as a “punter”. There is not a Soul or Soulful House event in the North and Scotland that Tam appears to not of attended and he is a SSW die hard, so we thought he deserved to drop some soulful vibes at SSW 5, Tam has also started doing some remix work on classic tunes, which you can check out on his soundcloud page.

Contact :
email ;
 twitter : @djteebee7

First release of this Profile: 20th April 2015, updated 23rd August