Mr. Shy

I grew up in a creative family so I’ve been used to expressing myself through art and music for decades. I’m also a product of the 1970s and 80s where music is about having a good time.
Mr. Shy
Born: October 16, 1965
Location: New York City
I am a songwriter who has collaborated with Grammy talent, a singer whose voice has lit up radios across Europe and America, and a performer who has filmed with modeling talent. I am also the subject of a music documentary film, “We Don’t Wanna Make You Dance”, that has screened at major film festivals worldwide.




A New York City native, Mr. Shy is a soul/pop singer, songwriter and performer with influences ranging from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye to Prince. His own singing, writing and performing over the years has resulted in a mature, distinctive song craft and style of musical expression very much his own.
In 2006, Mr. Shy (former front man of New Soul Orchestra) debuted his solo album, “Super Star”, on New Soul Records. Loaded with carefully crafted pop songs with an r&b/urban edge, “Super Star” is guided by a soulful and passionate voice delivering thoughtful, straightforward lyrics of love, all sewn together with infectious hooks and harmonies.
Mr. Shy has since collaborated with a wide range of heralded producers, including 3-time Grammy winner Juan Belmonte from Spain and Italy’s Marco Finotello (The Vibes Organization), releasing numerous singles and remix EPs on other labels.
In early 2011, Mr. Shy also released “Remixed”, a vinyl-only promotional LP and stunning compilation of remixes from his debut album. Produced by some of the top DJs and producers from around the globe, a special run of just 1,000 copies were pressed and distributed exclusively to club and radio DJ’s worldwide.



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