Groovefinder’s Selection – Our Radioshow #6

Groovefinder’s Selection is our radioshow – aired each friday on in London. It is a two hour show with tunes we love. The edition from 10th July contains some tunes, where members are involved.
Kejam, Paris Cesvette, C. Robert Walker, Opolopo, Laura Jackson, Akim B.Rob Hardt

Hour 1


1. Perfection by Mothertune
2. Butterfly (Radio Mix) by Mr. Shy
3. Yes I Do by Xantoné Blacq
4. Even When by Gary Poole
5. Album of The Week: Triple Treat Summer Jam EP by Kejam
Love Is Magic by Kejam feat. Chanel
6. Looking Back At Love by Kejam feat. Lamenga Kafi
7. My Only Love by Kejam feat. Lisa Taylor
8. Can We (Luis Loowee R Remix) by Paris Cesvette, C. Robert Walker & Sabrina Chyld
9. Round and Round by Opolopo
10. The Best by Opolopo
11. You’re Unforgettable by Scott Diaz & Sheree Hicks
12. Back Together (feat. EL) by Sheree Hicks & Sean Ali
Hour 2
1. Weekend (Vocal Mix) by Masaki Morii
2. Watcha Gonna Do About It (Spencer & Harness Remix) by Behind The Groove
3. Runnin’ byJon Cutler & Pete Simpson
4. Reach (Warren Benson & Akim B. Rebounce by JSC
5. Just Be Good (Montana & SOS Band Mash Up) by Bonna
6. Into My Life by Elements of Life, Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle
7. Greater Love by DJ Spen & Robert Owens
8. Pushin’ on (Radio Mix) by Matt Early & Laura Jackson
9. You Can Make It by Dj Kawasaki & Tasita D’Mour

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