Ferry Ultra

no music, no fun

Ferry Ultra
Born: Teheran
Location: Hannover, Germany
DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Club Owner of Monkeys, Hannover















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Ferry is a DJ since 1986, and there is probably no place in his hometown Hannover in North Germany, where he hasn’t played. His love for Soulmusic began in the 80’s when he started to dj with his buddy Mousse T. in legendary Club Palo Palo. Ferry became the owner of that club in Hannover, which became one of the best ones in the Acid-Jazz-Era.







Roy Ayers, Jamiroquai, Gil Scott Heron, Karl Denson, Corduroy — they all jammed at the Palo.  In 2013 Ferry released an Album “Ferry Ultra and the homeless Funkers” which is a reminiscence to this time, but also a good example how to take the soul and funk music into the future…

Today Ferry runs the club Monkey’s in Hannover, one of the finest spaces for people with a taste for good music and plays all around Europe as a DJ too.





Decibel IN Scale D.I.S. [Yass]

There is no real reason we react the way we do to music, but it certainly does something. Everyone has a different flavor, and different music puts different people in different places. When words fail music speaks, good music doesn`t have an expiration date.
Music is the answer!


Decibel IN Scale D.I.S. [Yass]
Born: Egypt
Current Location: Egypt
I consider my self as an old DJ trying to get back with a good taste of music selection. As many internet radio`s asked me to join them so you can call me if you like „smile“-Emoticon Radio DJ.



D.I.S. Fan page : http://www.facebook.com/DecibelinScale
D.I.S. on Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/DECIBELinSCALE
D.I.S. on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DecibelINScale
D.I.S. on Mixcrate [Alternatif Download for all shows] :http://www.mixcrate.com/decibelinscale
D.I.S. on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DecibelINScale
D.I.S. on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DecibelInScale/posts
D.I.S. on Souncloud Main Account: https://soundcloud.com/decibel-in-scale
D.I.S. on Soundcloud Organized Stuff: https://soundcloud.com/decibelinscale

Andrea Recchia – Andrea Erre

Music is a language that only the soul understands, but that the soul can never translate.

Andrea Recchia – Andrea Erre
Born: Abbiategraso, Milan, Italy
Location: Magenta, Milan, Italy
DJ, Producer

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Liz Button aka missfire dj

For Me, Music is the key to the Soul

Liz Button aka missfire dj
Born: Ipswich, UK
Location: Ipswich, UK
DJ, Radio DJ
her show is named ‘elements house’ its every friday 9.30-11am uk time on www.icrfm.co.uk and via the radio player and tunein app
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I became a dj in the late 90’s and am heavily influenced by that era in the music i play today. I have been a radio presenter for a year on a local fm station and love sharing my vibe with the world!!!

Brahim aka Tony.W

Name: Brahim  Know As ” Tony.W”

Born Date : 19/05/1991. Algeria
Current Location: Bouira/Algeria
DJ/Producer & Music Remixer [Unsigned Artist]


FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/dj.tony.calvan

About Brahim
Brahim A.K.A “Tony.W”, a 24 years old (DJ / PRODUCER / REMIXER) based in Algeria. He’d passion for electronic music at an early age of 13 years old & he debuted his career in djing on 2010. He known a different variety of Electronic Dance Music But he specialised in House Music. Related Mixing Genres : House, Soulful, Deep, Afro,Funky,Disco & Soul, Underground-House & Garage … & many more genres in #House #Music.

Simon Onano

The designer creates clothes that will be on people’s skin, the musician creates music that creeps under your skin.

Name: Simon Onano
Born: Novara (Italy), september 7 1971
Current Location: Novara (Italy)
Producer, Artist

Simon Master W 03b




About Simone

Simon Master W began producing music in 1989 with few samplers and synthe​sizers. In collab​oration with Ricky Soul Machine and J Jackmaster Pez he founded the label “Rolling Tune Recordings”