Mario Moya – New Acid Wave

The New Acid Wave is trying to find a new fresh style combining all the musical influences aquired through a whole life
Mario Moya
Born: Mexico City
Location: Mexico City
DJ, Artist, Producer, Remixer



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Three members of the same family but belonging to very different musical generations have joined in an effort to create the sound of the “new acid wave”.  of music and with the help of some other very talented musicians and singers will show the diversity of this musical project… In the meantime they are working independently in their own concept and supporting other artists, remixing their talents and having a great time by doing it with all energy and enthusiasm.

423182_10150868209819488_281132672_nStyles: Acid jazz, jazz funk, jazz soul, brazilian jazz beats, Jazzy Electronic, House, Disco Dance, R&B, Soul music and related stuff. Original tunes and remixes for other artists too!! THEY JUST LOVE MUSIC!!


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